Known Sissy Officer harasses lawyer for playing gospel music!


Police officer says the song “Break Every Chain” is anti-Gay!

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is reporting drama at the Nassau Street courts right now after a known ‘SISSY SARGENT’ attempted to arrested a hot shot member of the bar today for playing gospel music in the parking lot.

BP was live on the scene when the incident occurred this morning as the officer overheard the song “Break Every Chain” being played.

The officer known as “Detective Swann”, a beach boy for a sitting judge, went over to the vehicle acting like a jackass in uniform; raising his voice like a woman in the hairdresser.

Bahamas Press could not believe what was unfolding right in the courtyard as if some demon has jumped into the officer as he began to fume at the mouth. WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?

The officer, who also bleaches his skin, belligerently acted a pure breed; suggesting that the music being played was not gospel but anti-gay.

All we at Bahamas Press say is this; someone needs to do a better inspection on these people dressed in stripes…

We report yinner decide.