Lanisha Rolle’s Tree Lighting Event was a success!

The National Tree in Rawson Square lit Friday.

NASSAU| The National Tree Lighting was a smashing success on Friday past. Contrary to reports, hundreds gathered on Bay Street to witness the $32,000 holiday tree lighting in Rawson Square. Not one Cabinet colleague of Minister Lanisha Rolle attended the event, however, the Governor General flipped the switch and the tree came alive.

We want to say that the $32,000 redecorated tree is the most beautiful tree ever presented in Rawson Square. We hope the designers were not paid twice.

We can also confirm that Zamar Productions provided the stage and lightening for the event, which cost taxpayers some $100,000.

All in all Minister Rolle pulled this one off without a hitch and it was the only Government event with success without any assistance from colleagues. It was well attended by the public at large.

We report yinner decide!

Successful turnout at the National Tree Lighting in Rawson Square.
Minister Lanisha Rolle and the designers of the National Tree.