PM Minnis fires 20 junior doctors days before Christmas!


President Of the Union Melisandre Basset Called the PHA and Minister of Health Duane Sands cold and heartless to wait until Christmas to terminate junior doctors… DOC DROP THE ROCK ON JUNIOR DOCTORS! IT’S THE PEOPLE’S TIME!

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President Of the Union Melisandre Basset

NASSAU| The decision is being described as a “coldhearted stance” according to President Of the Union Melisandre Basset where some 20 junior doctors at the Public Hospitals Authority have been issued termination letters.

The Minnis Government which has a bold plan to downsize the public service showed Tuesday afternoon that they are not committed to young Bahamians.

The PHA refused to issue any new contract with the young professionals. And while Bahamians are headed to the unemployment lines the Minnis government has just increased its travel budget. WHAT IS THIS?

Readers should note that doctors changed the policy, where unless you specialize, you can only work at PMH. Junior doctors, who are general practitioners, can only work at PMH, or even if Doctors Hospital hires them, they can only be hired as a doctor’s assistant and can’t be called a doctor!

The option after termination from the Bahamas Government, therefore, means, unless they go to The United States of America and pass the USMLI, or the equivalent in Canada or Great Britain, those axed Bahamian medical professional can’t practice medicine in the Bahamas! The second option would be to take the advice of the Minister of Health and join the tourism profession as servants!

With all the family islands in need of some healthcare provider right now Minnis COLD EH!? Do you still have CONFIDENCE in Hubert Minnis as Prime Minister of the Bahamas? What a MESS!

All we ga say is this… Come 2022 don’t afraid – Let’s BE BRAVE!

We report yinner decide!