Drumeco Archer aka Drumeco Lauriston

NASSAU| All hell has broken loose in the Bahamas Association Athletic Associations (BAAA). 

The BAAA president, Drumeco Archer, who has been known most of his life as Drumeco “Lauriston”, is ignoring demands from the executives that he must resign.  

Archer/Lauriston is trying to serve two masters after being named the FNM candidate in Fort Charlotte.  We already know the big buss up he has caused in the FNM Fort Charlotte Branch because they wanted loyal FNM Serfent Rolle as their man of business.  That didn’t happen!

The BAAA do not want to be politicized or caught up in Archer/Lauriston’s political games.  

Influential execs have made their position known that Archer/Lauriston must resign in the best interests of the sports community. The political wanabee has given them the silent finger.   

Serfent Rolle

They can’t believe that Archer/Lauriston would run for the FNM after years of complaining about the FNM’s disrespect of him, the BAAAs and sports.   He was the butt of insult after disrespectful insult from power drunk, disgraced Lanisha Rolle.   Out of his own mouth, he has bragged about how the PLP was better for sports development and how much money he made assisting with the IAAF World Relays under the PLP!   

 Archer/Lauriston  now seems hell bent on exploiting the respectable BAAA organization for cheap political gain, a much needed stipend and a trip to the Summer Olympics.  Execs have reached out to BP to warn Archer/Lauriston to do the right thing.   They have demanded a special call meeting to take rank nasty politics out of the running of the decent BAAAs.  BP will be in the room for that come to the CROSS moment.   

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