Prison inspector hospitalized with COVID-19 and officers who were under his command are being denied their right to return home!


Some 32 Maximum Security Prison Officers  denied the right to return home after a senior inspector caught COVID-19

Prison Commissioner Charles Murphy
PM Minnis

NASSAU| Breaking News coming out of the Department of Corrections late last night confirms a senior inspector with responsibilities deep inside the Maximum Security Section of the Prison has been hospitalized after testing positive for CCOVID-19 and experiencing serious symptoms.

Also, some 32 officers who were in contact with the hospitalized inspector are being denied their right to quarantine at home. In short, the Prison Officers are being ordered to stay at the facility for the next 14 days.

BP is learning these instructions to keep officers “locked up” on the job against their will have come from the top: Commissioner Charles Murphy.

Murphy late last year also came down with COVID19 and he went home to be with family. So what is the issue now?

Now this is the same FNM appointee (Murphy) who denied inmates certain entitlements. WHAT IS THIS? Ya locking up the prison officers now?

BP is learning the Prison’s Medical Department has advised the leadership at the Prison Service that it is in the best interests of the health and safety of all partners at the facility to allow officers to quarantine at home to minimize community spread at the Prison. The advice by Health Professionals has fallen on deaf ears.

Bahamas Press is calling on Prime Minister Hubert Alexander Minnis to quickly address this matter before a catastrophe unfolds deep inside the Prison Service. The Prime Minister must know by now that prison officers have families!

Prisoners have families who every day are witnessing and reporting inhumane injustices against their families up there in Fox Hill Prison! Ya see…a Philip BRAVE DAVIS Administration will never permit or inflict this kind of inhumane violence on humans!

What kinda country yinner running, MINNIS? Ya mean this FOOLISHNESS gata happen and get to BP before someone acts with SENSE? WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS?!

BP is advising All Prison Officers to set aside a date and collectively march not to the Ministry of National Security, but to the Parliamentary Registration Department with cards and passports in hand and register all yinner members and their churrin! Ya life depends on it! This same advise goes to the Water and Sewerage Corporation and the BUT! Show these people better than yinner could tell dem!

We ga report and let yinner decide!