Layoffs now underway at Kerzner's Atlantis Resorts and Ocean Club


Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms that the Atlantis Resorts and Ocean Club began its second phase of downsizing exercises. BP has learned that packages were delivered to workers on Friday. After collecting millions from the government to host the Miss Universe Pageant, workers are now being sent home and again the WUTLESS Ingraham government is silent to the issue.


  1. Well…I didn’t say you lied. It was always possible, its just that it was really quiet and I know they didn’t do it like that last year.

    I also didn’t say you lied about Ms Universe, I just questioned your incomplete figures, which is still incomplete and from a journalistic point of view it wasn’t fair to challenge the choice of bringing Ms Universe here.

    As you can see. I have only commented on two stories here questioning them, the others I have read and have no comments because they are fair assessments. The whole thing is you are only as good as your audience. If every BP reader comes in here and believes everything you write without at least initiating some questioning then what will that say about BP, regardless of hits?

    The average Bahamian prefers to read the Punch over a novel, what does that say about our society from a journalistic point of view. I feel you guys at BP know your core audience, those Bahamians who want to live and remain in the antiquated society that we are. I think you play up to it and honestly I cant fault you. I do like how you guys call out both governmental parties but I think with your readership now that you have it, you are obligated to do more.

    Right now the site feels like tabloid fodder instead of a voice of the people. It feels like those Bahamians who for 4 years they talk bad about whatever government is in power and then in the 5th year they just vote for either of them not realizing it doesnt matter. I think its incumbent that you as a source of media challenge your readers and in turn your readers should challenge you.

    Thats really all I am trying to do.

  2. @LOL @ Your Journalistic Abilities!
    Well ya see Minister, whether its the story of BEC, BTC, Cable Bahamas, Ingraham or Christie, persons have ALWAYS came out here swinging denying what we reported. Saying it ain’t true. Saying we LIE. Committed readers who come on BP know we get it right. This is why an average 141,000 daily readers come on here.

    We simply say don’t challenge what we say minister, just watch it unfold. BP has broken more stores in 6 months than what the Tribune, The Guardian and every other paper has done in the last year.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. Yes I am agreeing BP. You guys had it well before. I dont like the minister title btw. I hate our government and dont want to be associated. Good scoop. I still dont agree with you on Ms Universe though. =)

    I gotta admit though, I am interested on your take of private enterprise which Kerzner is. I do feel the country is better off with Kerzner than without.

  4. @LOL @ Your Journalistic Abilities!
    So minister your suggesting BP was ahead of your Cabinet colleagues again? You agreeing with us?

    Man look Minister Wallace, Bahamas Press has people in the boardroom ya know. By the time you get it, it could be a day or two later. We saw the list of names before the owners see it.

    YINNER JOKING MANNNN! And talking about you’ll running this country?

    Running it alright, DEEP into the ground!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  5. Seems like you weren’t so sure until today however. This story would have worked much better if was posted today.

    Good job on getting a scoop I guess.

  6. Hrmmm nothing in the real news about Kerzner Layoffs. This seems like another misguided article. Bahamians would believe anything. Tabloid Fodder society we have here.

    • You would know JR we have claimed the media in the Bahamas for being WUTLESS! Staff at the Atlantis resort Minister, was fired on Friday. THAT IS A FACT! The entire staff in the reservation department at OCEAN CLUB was let go on Friday. You minister and the minister of labour could had it all ya want. But we know more this you all and the media combine! THAT IS FACT!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. Why would I be jealous of his/her website? How is that rational? I look forward to tomorrow.

  8. Clearly B.P. ‘Lol @ your journalistic abilities’ is clearly jealous of your blog, keep doing your thing. Bahamians are READING the headlines and stories on this site. I must admit from time to time that I do have my doubts but 90% of the time you are clearly on point. There will always be haterzzz.

  9. What does your readership have to do with your reporting? Additionally 3.7 million hits does not mean 3.7 million readers.

    Why am I on this site? It’s humorous!

  10. @LOL @ Your Journalistic Abilities!

    Minister, we have had 3.7 million hits this month alone. You can break it here. THIS Website is a NO spin zone! We report you decide. What are you doing on this website if this isn’t real news?


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  11. We can wait until Monday to see if the real press reports something. Just not buying into this rumor just yet.

  12. Are you sure it is a “Layoff” exercise. Or is this just an over-sensationalizing of something far more subtle?

  13. Most of the staff knew this was going to happen. I had heard from a long time ago that things were just being kept as they were until after the pageant.

    But on the other hand this is one of the reasons why staff shouldn’t become complacent and should always be trying to upgrade themselves and work to their best abilities…no job is guranteed forever (even Government jobs)

  14. This rumor has been blowing in the wind for some time now. This is why they have been brining back a lot of the old staff as on callers and current staff working buy outs; to minimize the expectation of job security. Occupancy as last I heard was at 37% and about to plummet further.

  15. Really did not expect workers to be getting lay off so soon right after the Miss Universe Pageant and school just reopening, you don’t think they could have at least waited until the end of September?

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