Letter to BP – Fall from the Top –


Fall from the Top to reach for the PINNACLE!~

Dear BP,

I was very encouraged by your comments last week to the mother who does not want to let her children go. I felt that your advice was needed and appropriate in that situation. I, too, need some advice.

I was recently laid off at an offshore bank in Eastern New Providence. It was hard to go, because all my life, as I followed my career path, I believed that I was near the top. I felt that it [the job] was in my path, but now I am back home, unemployed in this tough job race and just don’t know what to do from here.

After becoming unemployed and shopping around almost everywhere, I have found it nearly impossible to feel encouraged. What am I to do when I sit at a place where there is complete darkness all around?

Signed – Fall from the top.

Dear Fall ‘From the top’:  Let me first start by addressing your disillusionment and dispel this described “darkness” in your career at this time. I share the opinion of Albert Einstein who once said: “… darkness is the absence of light”.

Your view that the lights have gone out on your career is not true! This is the way you see it now, because where you were before felt as if you were achieving your goal. Our lives never go as we plan. Our lives, I believe, are predestined. Channeled and guided by the GREAT AND MIGHTY POWER OF GOD! What you must remember is that in life there are seasons. Yes, times and changes just as summer, fall, winter and spring come – seasons come in our own lives. We creep and then we walk and then run. We have times of laughter and times of sadness. The saying is indeed true – Weeping may endure for a night. What I love about this, though, is that HIS GREAT AND MIGHTY HAND – that guides us on our way – is always there. Your day of joy and day of New Beginning is coming I assure you. Just look back and see the road you have trod already. You are not alone. HE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO GET YOU THROUGH – EVEN THIS TIME!

And so the first point is that no – there is no darkness. This is but only a transition to the next stage of your career that will afford you a teachable moment for when the next big thing comes along.

Which brings us to our second point of focus. A wise woman recently reminded me of an old saying passed down through the ages which says; “Whatever your hands find to do  – DO IT WELL!” or as scripture puts it – “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might….”!

That wise woman added how we as a nation must remind our people of the dignity in work. All work. In all professions, skills and trade, and we should exercise our best efforts in them. You must remember ‘Fall from the top’ from whence many people of the world have come. There was a time when our forefathers paid little to no attention to “THINGS” [TINGS]! “Stuff” and or getting more and more “ITEMS”. They lived simple and respectable lives. They dressed decently. They spoke softly and with kind words. They looked out for their community and they honoured and worshiped God in complete and absolute devotion. To this I now add, if you possess these virtues in your life, there is no ‘Fall from the top’. There is no darkness in your career – for you possess something the world needs.

And let me add this: Begin to look deeper within yourself and look at those skills you know are transferable and can be used to get you through this period. Maybe if you offered yourself as an educator on “Finances” within a summer camp you can plant a seed to someone’s future. Maybe the time has come to share that skill of banking or accounting with your community, church or family members. Maybe it is time to gather young minds to encourage them to move forward, upward, onward together to greater aspirations, drawing from your own experience; like moving minds towards an Bahamian owned and globally operated Offshore Bank – maybe this is your next be thing!

Where you are now – I assure you – will lead you into a better and even brighter future.

Your day is coming – you just wait and see.


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