Listen to the Fireworks all over New Providence!



Where were these jack-o-lanterns Friday night? Every night is Halloween for them.

Nassau, Bahamas: Maybe the recession has NOT hit the New Providence area as yet, or could it be that our people are not waking up to the realities that face them? Friday night was Halloween, and for hours, fireworks lit the skies of the city. For hours we say, having a perfect view over the island. In our community fireworks have grown from little mini rockets in years past, to 4th of July bombs [many of which we believe are illegal for locals to carry].

With persons on long lines looking for relief, Social Services budgets now exhausted on the islands, added with the actions by Hotel Union workers last week looking for money, we believed no one had time for fireworks, much less Halloween party.

In fact, if the truth is told, money is so scarce the massive BEC disconnection exercise [5,999 households] proves our point. And with the growing mortgages now in default [COLINAIMPERIAL FULL PAGE ADS IN THE NEWSPAPERS] added with more workers headed for the unemployment line [of which one attempted to commit suicide on Saturday according to ZNS News], Bahamians must take the warnings SERIOULY issues by the Central Bank and curb spending!

Forget that mortgage of a new front-room set this Christmas, and cancel that travel plan to Miami this holiday season. Put off – if only for this year – trading in your 2007 Ford Explorer for a 2009 model and save that money!

Last evening we counted over 80 loud explosions, which was the highlight of the Halloween party. We said to ourselves, someone is partying in the backyard tonight, all to have lights switched back off by BEC tomorrow. Bahamians CONSERVE, SAVE, CURB the SPENDING as thousands of Americans are losing their jobs by the hour AND some 7,500 homes in the US are in foreclosure each week!

Behind this fallout of consumer/household loans with mortgages, we will soon see a second nightmare, (Some already starting in the US) the fallout of Commercial Loans across America. These loans were given to companies who today cannot meet their commitments with the banks. And if you think we are just preaching doom, take a look and see what has happened already to Lehman Brothers, AIG, Fanny Mae and Freddie MAC. Major companies (NOT PEOPLE HOMES, BUT THE LENDERS) are failing to meet their own commitments!

We at Bahamas Press believe that if we saw Friday night is any indication of the Bahamian concern with all this, then it is certain, much of our warning and those of the Central Bank will go unheeded. Therefore we ask you our readers to, think about this, if in the BEST of times JANUARY IS CONSIDERED A HARD MONTH [USUALLY MUCH WORSE THAN SEPTEMBER]. What do you think this January would be like? We hate to mention it. Bahamas Press however says this, it would be the most difficult month ever faced by Bahamians since the Second World War.




Fireworks in our constituency Friday evening.


  1. G’night my BP family. Look like I will have to wait til tomorrow to find out what that hot temper one did. You guy be safe and always put God first.

  2. Media your editors still putting all their findings together on the Obie story aye? Sound like he did a lot of damage this time. Anyway, I will wait patiently to see what garbage he did now. I hope he did not beat up anyone with his bad temper.

  3. @Drama, yes some shell shock for real. But seriously, was hit bad by a fireworks show when i was a kid, no fun let me tell you that. Also, if they dont kill you, they can burn bad, take out an eye, or damage hearing.

  4. Sorry about the typos, I guess I just can’t believe that someone is finally going to expose this fakester.

  5. Media. payback really is a “B” isn’t it. All the time this man parades around as if he has reinvented himself, yet still leaking news on his colleagues, taking advantage of unsupecting people, especailly females. I can’t wait for your story. Well done!!

  6. My LIFE KIM nor any other writer of this BLOG, because as you know it is more then just me. So no I am protected, And I tell all them who attempt to approach, DON”T MISS!

    TONIGHT we should have a PIECE ON OBIE WILCHCOMBE. We cannot promise what time it will be up, that is determined by our EXCELLENT EDITOR!

    BUT WE ASSURE YOU ALL OUR READERS, This is worse than the CARL BETHEL MASSACRE with the teachers!


    Bahamas Press

  7. Media that is sad that they would resort to such drastic measures, because you seek to expose the truth. I see why you need the steel gates and securities for protection, we have some very sick people out their, that would do anything to try to stop you. You have to be extremely careful. We like to hear the truth, but we don’t want it to cause you your life.

  8. I think the gunshots were intended for me, or to scare me, I am far from that for what I do on this BLOG>


  9. Media I have just read the last part of your post, the first time I click on it I did not see the bottom part about the shooting. That is so awful, do you know if the person die? I think better forget about the firecrackers and do my celebrating indoors.

  10. Or like Margaret Thatcher would say “CO CO LAND”. Kim your really can read through my work now. MY GOODNESS, I wanted to say that about the empty heads, but I said to myself, know someone will pic that up.


    Kim I ain’t ga lie me and a few writers on this BLOG would LOVE to come to your OBAMA event, but Nassau is so dangerous. I am just feeling SOO protected behind my STEAL GATE AND TRIPLE Security after the last gunshot incident outside my resident, I have canceled attending all evening engagements. I failed to appear at a family function last evening for the same reason, NASSAU is DANGEROUS. And I don’t want to have to cause Nassau to have another murder count [NOT ON MY LIFE NAH, BUT ON THE PERPETRATOR!].


  11. You guys just reminded me, I need to buy some fire crackers to celebrate Obama victory, Tuesday night coming. I am so excited……2 more days!!

  12. The picture could not get any clearer, you see people on the news everyday looking for some assistance from the government, social services, their unions and their churches. People are being laid off every day. If you have not figure out that we are in a recession then you must be living in the Land of Oz.

  13. Now B.P. that is what I call good journalism. You wove a nice pattern by your ability to manuver the points you wanted to make within the perameters of the headline. Your advice is great and I too hope the Prime Minister addresses the nation at least twice before the Christmas Holidays. One informal chat and one discussion format where voters can participate and ask questions that are uppermost on their minds.

  14. Personally i feel that he’s a national disgrace. it seems to me that he cares about foreigners more that he cares about Bahamians.

  15. And Rupert I thought SEEING THE SERIOUS Times ahead, The Prime Minister would have called a National Address to the Nation by now. Leaders around the world have been cautioning and warning their citizens of the ROAD ahead. Bush having more than 4 National addresses. BUT nothing from Hubert Ingraham.

    This silence cannot continue, the people need to be told, Christmas is coming, and all hell will break loose in this town come January if the government doesn’t send the sound of caution.

  16. What i should have said Drama king was amen BP….. i don’t dislike fireworks but i do agree with BP that the are some serious times ahead.

  17. You two are kill joys….lol…..General, I can only imagine that the sound of fireworks doesnt help much with your Shell Shock …. Rupert, whats your excuse for disliking them…..LOLLLLLL

  18. and fireworks have nothing to do with Halloween, yet many Bahamians seem to think it does. I cant stand fireworks and they need to be banned anyway, least outside of professional events.

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