ZNS was in Grand Bahama, But never aired this


Teachers on Grand Bahamas screaming “VOTE THEM OUT!” Crisis at the Eight Mile Rock High School in Grand Bahama last week just after Carl Bethel ran from the meeting.


  1. This is just a crying shame but is expected of Carl Bethel. He can’t help himself. Everytime I hear him on the radio speaking he says nothing. He is another one who is waste of seat in the house. The way he acted is just him. He is not fit to run a Kindergarden and look they made him minister of education. What a big joke! He really is not the kind of material for Government even before this election. He needs to go to another country and hide. It was easy for him to do what he did. He just can’t help himself. On another note, those ZNS reporters were there just for fun aye? What a waste of the peoples money to have them go there and report nothing. They are afraid for thier jobs I know but this is another crying shame. We need to see the footage of that meeting. I demand it! The Bahmian people need to see that footage of Minister Carl in action bringing his usual shame to the FNM and the Bahamas!

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