1. just an on looker No I did not read the sites you posted; to be truthful I was not into the negativity. I don’t mind my friends laughing at me at the party, it was a learning experience for me and now I have been enlightened. I was merely sharing the experience.

  2. Generalcrazy last night I was so tired after celebrating Obama victory, I was not able to respond to you the way I normally would. You need to give the Americans people more credit than that. I don’t believe they would vote anybody in because they felt sorry for them or their skin color. The Americans realized how hackle up everything was under the Bush Administration and they were desperate for a change that is why they decided to trust a black man, because they realized that things couldn’t get any worse. The outcome of that election was a cry for help, nothing else. Barack Obama is much more than a black man; he is an intelligent black man who was smart enough to bring about change. I hope what has happened on Nov. 4, 2008 would unite black and white people, because after all we are one.

  3. Generalcrazy, electing an “experienced” leader ain’t all that. Look how the experienced Hubert Alexander Ingraham “trusted” leadership jacking us up right know.

  4. Kim hope you enjoyed the victory party, I had a real early night. I tried several times to correct you yesterday on ACORN. I gave you two websites to read up on them and I guess you did not so I can’t say I feel sorry for you that your friends laughed at you.

  5. G’night BP family. I am little bit exhausted from all the celebrating, so I guess I will call it a night. You guys be good and be safe.

  6. @Kim, acorn are obama followers, and they are corupt. they dragged down homeless people to vote for some one they never even heard of, just to get some free food and drinks. Voter fraud at its best.

  7. Please Kim. Bahamians support obama because he is black. Most black americans support him because he is black (well half black anyway). If a person talks bad of him, they call them racist or an uncle tom, thats just low and nasty. Sorry we just disagree on this and always will.

  8. just an on looker: why didn’t you correct me? Tonight at the Obama victory party, my girlfriend was sitting down talking about Acorn the organization and how they assisted many people in registering to vote and some of the legal problems they encountered. I was sitting down with my legs cross sipping on a glass of Harvey’s Bristol Cream saying, “those people are so stupid, why they following behind Acon anyway, they should of known his head isn’t too good“. They was like Kim what the hell are you talking about? I was like, “I mean Acon the singer.” Everybody in the room burst out laughing. I was like excuse me, but why yall laughing? They was like girl you can’t be serious, Acorn is a big organization that deals with all kind of issues from low to moderate income people across the United States. Well forgive me, because I did not know. I kept hearing the name Acorn on TV, I never really focus on it, all the long I was thinking they were talking about the singer Acon and I was saying to myself, what a cool guy, he really wants Obama to win, because I know the celebrities were deeply involved with this election.. So you see just an on looker I was not playing the fool, I was totally in the dark….LOL…..

  9. @Kim, im not disappointed, it gets funny from here, emericans voted in a man they dont even know, it will be hilarious to watch him stutter his way through presidential issues behind cause he only won on the word “change” and his skin color, yet had no experience, and then you will say, oh well that crazy general told me so, trust I find it all very funny 😀

  10. just an on looker: that cake did not last 15 minutes after they cut the first slice. I don’t want to sound like I bragging, but that‘s normally the case when you see me bake a cake. Anyway, I would not mind baking you and generalcrazy a whole one, because I could only imagine how disappointed you guys are, but I don’t know where to drop it off.

  11. Almost forgot about you Kim, have fun and save a slice of that pineapple upside down cake for me and Generalcrazy. Not going to waste my gas looking for you, looks like things only going to get tougher and need to save my pennies.

  12. Generalcrazy, McCain should have pulled out all the stops and called it as he saw it, forget the racist $hit, fought Obama on his record. I am white, have a McCain Tee shirt and was afraid to wear it in Nassau, this is despite not having a racist bone in me and having voted and supported the PLP for the past 4 elections. I just did not think after looking at Obama’s record, past and what he is currently saying, he was the person white or black for the job. Hope we are wrong and he turns American around for the good.

  13. true that, yep i think mccain held back to much, alot due to the fact that people would try and call him racist, as they did anyway. Seriously though I really dont want to have to listen to obama, mccain or palin, i wasnt keen on biden but at least could deal with listening to his voice on TV news. Looks like when they come on, Ill just “change” the channel from now on 😀

    Now, if Obama does win, hopefully his nasty rude followers will become normal people again as they were horrid in their attacks during this election, total disrespect towards woman on the whole, and then the whole racist thing was really sad.

  14. Generalcrazy, we are barking up the wrong tree if we think McCain will win tonight. The George Bush and Republican luggage that he is perceived to be carrying will defeat his bid to become president. For some reason I don’t think McCain and the Republican Party fought as good a fight as they could have, maybe it was the lack of money, who knows. As a Bahamians all we can do is wish Obama success and hope all his talk was not just BS and lies, we in the Bahamas know first hand from the FNM how that $*** goes.

  15. i guess we just have to listen out for the wailing of crys in the eastern area, when she finds out obama lost and President John McCain is the victor. 😀

  16. Kim have fun, it has been fun communicating with you. What ever happens tonight, we have to keep our fingers crossed that the next president of the US turns things around for the best. Things tough enough here now, we don’t need it to get worse.

  17. Well since you won’t disclose the location of the party, I’ll have to drive around wasting precious gas and listen for the wailing and sobbing.

  18. Kim I guess when you don’t have high expecations you won’t be disappointed at the end result. Anyway it seems that we both are looking at the right Bahamian party. PLP all the way.

  19. Anyway Kim where this victory party tonight, generalcrazy and I want to come for some of that pineapple upside down cake and offer you and your girlfriends our shoulders to cry on.

  20. All these politicians promises change and hope.
    What a joke? The only change I am looking for from Obama is for him to change it from Bush McClain or McClain Bush presidency

  21. I agree just an on looker, that is why I did not follow the torch, because I could have seen their light was dim and I knew the light would burn out.

  22. Kim you only change when you are changing for something better. Just look at what we got in the Bahamas last year when we changed just to change.

  23. just an on looker: Nobody is saying Obama is perfect, in fact nobody is. People are just tried of the Bush McClain policies and want a change. who could blame them? Looking at state of the economy find itself in right now!

  24. Well so it is and so it should be, John McCain 2008. Just say NO to Obama 2008, he just aint ready!

  25. Hey kim, when McCain wins, can we get that just baked pineapple upside down cake for our victory party since you won’t need it.

  26. Kim, just read the two websites I sent earlier and see what the U.S. is going to get during the next four years. If Americans were truly smart, they would be voting their heads and not their hearts.

  27. just an on looker: The conversation was fun, but I have a pineapple upside down cake to bake
    for one of my girlfriends who is having an Obama victory party at her house tonight, I will be back when I am finished .

  28. well there might be plenty of those persons that ACORN registered locked up by the end of today

  29. Not only in the Bahamas, if you are not a US citizen and you tried to vote you will get lock up as well.
    The good thing is they can’t stop us from pulling for Obama though!!!

  30. well for sure no “Bahama for Obama” will be voting unless they want to wind up in jail.

  31. Obama’s position that he was unaware of his churches anti-American politics is a joke, he sought the church out to gain political power in Chicago, the parishioners who jumped for joy when Rev. Wright damned the USA after 9/11 were his South-side constituents. With this fact in mind, his 2002 objection of the Iraq War was not courageous, it was merely singing in the choir at Trinity United.

    Obama made statements in 04 that Trent Lott should step down from his GOP leadership post due to the remarks he made praising Strom Thurman at Strom’s 100th birthday party, He also said that Don Imus should be fired for the derogatory remarks made jokingly about the Rutgers ladies B-Ball team. All this would fine and dandy, but Obama does not hold his friends to the same standards, he sat in a church for 20 yrs were his so called “adopted uncle of choice” said far worse, and Obama is not on record as ever uttering a peep against it, until the sermons blew up in the media. (again thank god for Fox News otherwise the rest of the media would have buried it under the rug) Instead of condemning Wright, Obama had him on his original campaign staff, Wright married him and his wife and baptized his children. Obama had been a member of this radical church for 20 years, he took his very young impressionable children to this church to hear Wright denounce the USA and preach hatred of whites, a church that Oprah had enough sense for that same reason to leave in the mid 90’s. His Church praised Farrakhan and went to visit Qaddafi while Libya was still a sworn enemy of the USA. Rev. Wright, before he was shipped off to Africa away from the glare of the election told the American Press Club that the reason why Obama is now separating himself and denying his understanding of the churches doctrine, is because he is a politician. Basically, Wright called Obama a liar, and for that reason, Obama finally quit the church.To believe Obama’s line that he was unaware of the doctrine that was preached on Sunday’s and sold in the church lobby on Tapes, CD’s and books is ridiculous.

  32. That is true generalcrazy, Obama may not get the Oval office until the end of the week. They might have to count them ballots over, I did not think about all of that.

  33. @Kim, are you sure about that? I dont think no matter who wins, either of them will be sitting in any seat in the oval office in 2 days. 😉

    Either way, the victory will be McCains, the many obamanites will cry when they find out Obama is not the candidate they expected.

  34. The time is whining down, in 2 days Obama will be sitting in that chair in the oval office. Right now, I thinking if I should gave my girls the day off , so they could watch the victory has it is happening. Even though we have cable at the shop, I think I would prefer to be at home for this one.

  35. General give it to our technical team, They capturing OBAMA LIVE on BP, you know it cannot get better than this?????

    Now if McCain had invited us we would have him up here to, but like ZNS, HE WOULD NOT CHANGE!



    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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