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Nassau, Bahamas: Members of the Progressive Liberal Party must be reading Bahamas Press these days, because just after we gave Carl Bethel his due for giving teachers the hand and walking out on them, the PLP had a response.

Before we could say, “Three Stooges” Obie Wilchcombe was splashed across the front pages of the WUTLESS TOILET PAPER[TRIBUNE] hitting out at Bethel.

Now, what is wrong with that picture? Every time Obie Wilchcombe opens his mouth in editorial print, we remember Arthur Foulkes. Yes the man who made history twice in The Bahamas. Foulkes was the first to be fired from the Cabinet of an independent Bahamas. And the first man in recorded Bahamian history to be fired for TALKING NEWS on a government he swore to protect and defend. Now that is an HISTORICAL FACT! Ask anyone who was around in those days. Or better yet, ASK FOULKES HIMSELF WHY HE GOT FIRED FROM PINDLING!

Now because we clearly see Perry Christie would not deal with this NEW SNITCH the PLP party, Bahamas Press believes the time has come to turn up the heat a notch on OBIE WILCHCOMBE.

PLPs must ask themselves, how is it WILCHCOMBE gets a FRONT PAGE BLAST in the Tribune every time he opens his mouth? Now let us bear in mind, Wilchcombe was the same MP who in January of this year called on all PLPs to boycott the Tribune.

He was the same SNITCH reporter/MP who described to members of the Tribune and Jones Communication the scene in the Cabinet room between Smith and Gibson. Wilchcombe was the one who just after Kenyatta Gibson resigned from the PLP, went directly to the ‘Toilet Paper’ newspaper and was quoted as saying, “…all is not well in the PLP.”

And in support of Wilchcombe, the Tribune was quoted as saying, Wilchcombe would make a good leader for the PLP. Well, if that’s not SLICK WILLIE in action, then tell us what is it? Politics do make STRANGE BEDFELLOWS!

But forgetting all that, Bahamas Press goes deeper into this story to OPEN THE EYES OF PLPs and MEMBERS of the public, who for years TRUSTED this WUTLESS Bahamian MEDIA turned ‘TOILET PAPER’, called The Tribune. Bahamas Press has some questions for the former Minister of Tourism and no we will not ask him about the BLEACHERS TODAY.

BUT can OBEDIAH HERCULES WILCHCOMBE tell us JOE PUBLIC [Bahamas Press] to whom did he as minister of tourism with responsibility for broadcasting, grant the new radio station Y98.7 FM station to? And can the former MP confirm or deny that he is a principal in that station located on Shirley Street?

Radio House, a subsidiary company of The Tribune Media Group, currently manages Y98.7 FM the new punk rock station.

Let’s see if the former minister now SNITCH in the PLP will answer these questions. Perhaps Bahamas Press would have to answer them for the public. However, we hope the public sees just where we headed with this. And since Christie would not DEAL WITH THE SNITCH IN THE PLP as PINDLING DID WITH ARTHUR FOULKES, perhaps we at Bahamas Press should.


  1. Joe Blow: I really did not see the need for those teachers to take the rest of the day off if it was an early morning meeting, but I realize how some of these people go, they always looking for an opportunity to get a break from their work. Anyway, the meeting was a very important one so I would not go as far as suggesting that a day’s pay be deducted from persons who participated. The teachers, the Minister for Education and the Prime Minister need to stop playing with our children education and realize that time wasted not teaching our children could have major consequences.

  2. Do we know that O.W. is the “snitch” for sure and is he alone or acting in concert with one or more of his colleagues? And what is his purpose? Seems there might be more than just 2 factions “duking it out” to see who can come up a leader in a party that would appear to be fracturing before our eyes. None of this bodes well for the P.L.P. As to Mr. Bethel’s presentation of the bill in the HOA., the Cabinet decides who will present any bill and who will second same. T.T.’s job this time is to sum up and call the vote and send it to committee. Next, while there is no excuse for rudeness on Carl Bethels part with the teachers, Belinda should be asked some hard questions also. Why did she ask C.B. to meet with the the Eight Mile Rock teachers and the Union to get his assurances that the problem in the school was rectified and the teachers could return to work and then have all the teachers in the area take the day off for a meeting that began early in the morning? Was this sanctioned by the Director? If not, it was an illegal work stoppage and a day’s pay should be deducted for all participants except for the Eight Mile Rock Teachers. B.W. should have notified C.B. that all the district teachers would be attending as they had some questions and concerns they wanted to discuss. It appears to the more discerning amongst us that there was mischief afoot here.

  3. The PM asked CB to present the bill to try to eliminate the bad press on Freeport. Talk about CB on a different subject and not Freeport.

  4. Mr. Bethel just thinks that he is that good!!
    He is a lawyer but why not give another one of the young lawyers on their team a chance to shine??

    I guess Mr. Bethel thinks that the MOE is under control and he has alot of time on his hands after another perfect opening of schools in september!!

    I wonder what world is he living in??

  5. Media I see what you were saying. Why was Carl Bethel talking about tracking devices for criminals out on bail, shouldn’t this fall under Min. Tommy Turnquest seen that he is the Minister for National Security? This why Carl Bethel can’t perform properly under his own Ministry, he too busy mixing up with things he shouldn’t be dealing with.

  6. Distraction bait! The Prime Minister wants to move the attention away from damage Carl Bethel did up in Freeport on Friday passed, but that it is still very fresh in our minds the way he handle those teachers so unprofessionally! He needs to resign!

  7. Did you see Carl Bethel moving a bill on NATIONAL SECURITY?

    What what is Tommy there for if he cannot move bills relative to his ministry?

    But that is Hubert’s way of avoiding Tommy, and putting Carl out their know he in TROUBLE ALREADY!


  8. Media that shows they are relying on BP to bring the truth. It’s no coincident every time BP cover a story something is brought out in the HA or suddenly they on the radio clarifying something.

  9. And guess what KIM, OBIE could not be found in the House this morning. I laughed my socks off when I heard Fred Mitchell raise the matter saying that, “THERE ARE TOO MANY RATS IN THIS COUNTRY!” LOL!

    We could not agree with the MP more. Too many 4 legged ones as he mentioned, and far too many two legged ones like OBIE WILSHCOMBE!


    BP/ Editor

  10. People who live in glass house really should not throw stones. Obie was on the right track when he said Carl Bethel’s conduct was down right rude when he walked out off the meeting with teachers in Grand Bahama. Obie seems to be good when it comes to assessing others and point out their faults, if only he can apply this same practice to himself that would be wonderful too. If he can do this, when he looks in the mirror he would be able identify himself as a cold hearted Rat in the PLP, someone who snitches on his own party members and stabs them deep in the back. This man is known to be hot tempered and have tendency toward violence, I don’t know why Perry wants him around anyway.

  11. NOW NOW NO SO FAST, Bahamas Press never said he owns he station. READ, READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We asked, “…Can OBEDIAH HERCULES WILCHCOMBE tell us JOE PUBLIC [Bahamas Press] to whom did he as minister of tourism with responsibility for broadcasting, grant the new radio station Y98.7 FM station to? And can the former MP confirm or deny that he is a principal in that station located on Shirley Street?”

    The OPERATIVE WORDS HERE are “TO WHOM” And the question further asks, where he is a PRINCIPAL or benefits. SO don’t challenge us on this because we know the full answers for what we are asking.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  12. Media, I would like to add some clarification to your comment concerning the ownership of Y 98.7.

    There is one and only ONE owner of that Station and it is NOT Mr. Wilchcombe. I can guarantee you of that. So, in fairness, that correction needs to be made.

    Other than the one owner, no one else benefits from the profits derived from the operation of that station. Please, therefore correct the record.

  13. There are three type of people that i hate BP and am being nice when i say this, they are thieves, gays and rats (snitch). If this story is true PC needs to act now.

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