3 more days to GO! VOTE OBAMA/BIDEN!



  1. WOW! It is good to have you back with us. Did you enjoy your trip? I agree after visiting some other carribean countries, I really appreciate what we have in the Bahamas.

  2. Thank you Kim. It is good to be back on Bahamian soil. I spent time in the US and eastern Caribbean. Let me just say that the Bahamas is truly blessed and it really is “Better in the Bahamas”. The Ministry of Tourism needs to re-adopt that slogan.

  3. WOW! It is good to hear you are on you way back home and I wish you a safe return to our soil.

    Those worthless leaders and MPs in the FNM and PLP are not going anywhere. We will have to wait until next election to rid ourselves of them.

  4. It is amazing to see how people find freedom on Bahamas Press. Even a webmaster from the PLP..LOL!


  5. ps. Someone please tell me when I get home tomorrow and watch the news, I will hear that the entire FNM government has resigned, pretty please.

  6. I’M BACK! Well almost, but I am back online not on my precious Bahamian soil yet though. Whats going on? Speaking of voting, Generalcrazy, are you the same Generalcrazy who another website sending out e-mails about having a vote to ban or restore your membership there? What their vibe is? I guess free speech really not free hey, or you so something really crazy.

  7. November 5th there will be a new leader of the free world, President John McCain. Congrats Senator McCain, all the best to you and Governor Palin. 😀

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