To Carl Bethel: 'Sinner Man Where your Gonna Run?'



  1. …….Media you guys really know how to ruffle those Minister feathers. I know when they log on to your website and see the name of these topics (which are always appropriate) and the pictures to go with the heading, they is be so hot!!!

  2. And Kim, I received a call last evening from a Family Island, they said to me, the Whole island was laughing at the Three Stooges post. I replied, they could continue SPINNING their lies through the WUTLESS Media in this town. People in this country are laughing the hell at people like Carl Bethel and Christie, and they [CHRISTIE AND BETHEL] don’t know why.

    They should read BP!


  3. Kim we at BP really thank you for your kind warm remarks made earlier. You are treasure to this blog. And you know full well that the work is CUT OUT for the WUTLESS Media, The PLP and Ingraham’s FNM when it comes to dealing with US.

    To all of us the team associated with this BLOG and from our thousands of readers around the world, THANK YOU for your KIND Support. We shall never forget persons like yourself, and we assure you, as BAHHAMAS PRESS rises, we promise, you would be on the TOP of our list to credit and enjoy the benefits we create around the world!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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