Belinda Wilson: "Carl Bethel Must Resign!"



Teachers of the Eight Mile Rock High School  seen here pleading with Minister Carl Bethel as he raced out of a meeting leaving teachers in shock at his WUTLESS BEHAVIOUR. One teacher told Bahamas Press Bethel shouted EXPLETIVES as he exited the building where both teachers and parents were gathered. Hmmmmmm!


Eigh Mile Rock, Grand Bahama: It was high drama at the Eight Mile Rock High School [EMRHS] today as Carl Bethel raced out of a meeting leaving teachers and Belinda Wilson BUT president calling for his RESIGNATION. Bethel walked out of the meeting leaving teachers chasing after his car as he left the school yard.

Min. Carl Bethel gave them the hand and stormed out of the gym, refusing to meet with them because other teachers along with parents insisted on being present. In a show of solidarity, teachers from all over Grand Bahama showed up to meet with the minister.

According to one local doctor, the waste from the pigeons and the rodents, combined with the mold and mildew from the moisture in the building, are causing much of the upper respiratory problems being suffered by many teachers and students.

One has to legitimately ask, given the $23 million spent in 2007 and $26 million spent in 2008 on public school repairs, why is the EMRHS in this condition? This is scandalous by any standard. The EMRHS is in no condition for teachers or students. The roof in the wood work room is collapsing.

Bahamas Press has called for the resignation of Carl Bethel from the Cabinet since the RAPE controversy involving his son at the once prestigious Queen’s College. Resign Minister and do the Parents, Teachers, the Children and THE COUNTRY a favour!


Teachers on Grand Bahama gathered at the Eigh Mile Rock High School were left standing outside as the minster of education Carl Bethel refuse to hear their concerns. RESIGN MINISTER RESIGN! And again, WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE OPPOSITION?


  1. Gofer you are absolutely right Thomas Finley is entitled to his own opinion. Even though we may not agree with it, we should respect it as his feelings or view on the matter. When we accept each other the way we are all that helps to make the blog more interesting.

  2. Thomas sounds like a man with little wisdom. Lots of vocabulary and expression. Most of his posts are just way out there. We need people around like him. Everybody can’t be on the same side of the fence.

  3. Thomas Finley, obviously you have never been in Eight mile rock, or this is the first time you are hearing of such a place. These children have had to endure much during the lifetime of this school. It is located in the largest settlement in the Bahamas and is culturally diverse. Money is not prevalent like in the country of Spanish Wells which operates almost totally independent of the Government. Why are “rat bats” flying around? Obviously something is going on in or around that local environment. Those bats are usually in caves and not flying about during the day. This problem is bigger than the people of that settlement and might be bigger than the government.

  4. Joe Blow thanks for clearing up your position on this matter and I agree with the need for a school board or something to be put in place to resolve these maintenance and health concerns at these schools. It is obvious that they don’t have a school board or committee in place to deal with things of this nature or somebody somewhere is falling down on their job that is why it was necessary for the minister to be involved. How do you explain the situation in Grand Cay, Abaco where there is a lack of school teachers for very important subjects? To me all of these set of circumstances are sending a message that government can not be serious about education. It is not acceptable for anyone to play politics when our children futures are in danger. It means a lot to know that you were looking for solutions and not trying to play politics, like Thomas Finley.

  5. Kim Sands: I have been advocating for strong local school boards and decentralizing of powers from the Central Government to local government. I have offered no judgement about the rightness or wrongness of Carl Bethel’s actions. Of course I am most concerned about the environment that the children and teachers find themselves in. You are wrong if you think my last submission has anything to do with party politics. It had more to do with the effort made in the past two weeks to clean up the problem which of course must be the focus right now. Unless this is a different school, those efforts were made and the immediate problem resolved. My point is ,had there been a strong local school board , the situation would have been resolved by local authorities and there would have been no reason to have the Minister invoved. There was no party politics in this for me . One of the reasons this country can’t forge ahead is that there are too many diehards on both sides who put their allegience to the party of their choice above all else including that of their country!

  6. Right now I am waiting on an apology from the PM and the Min. of Education. We can not condone behavior of this nature, we all as Bahamians and taxpayers should expect an apology from them and they need to reschedule that meeting and make matters right.

  7. BP I think you already know I appreciate the job you are doing. We need more people and media outlets that can be fair in their judgments. From the time I have start relying on BP for my news; I have found you to be very objective. You have exposed the dirt of the FNM, PLP and the wutless media. You have shown us the wrong doers in our country. You are our candle in the dark and they would like nothing more than to blow out your flames.

  8. Well here is one thing many of you should stuck or glue to your foreheads, ALL POLITICIANS feed off crowds, BUT are SCARED OF HELL of them. They are afraid when the hear people coming together.

    I wonder where Hubert Ingraham is NOW? Does anyone knows? Remember how people said when Ingraham was in Haiti vacationing, “OHHHH The BTC people acting bad ech? Watch when INgraham come back.” But where is Ingraham now that Grand Bahamian teachers walked off the JOB Friday?

    We would tell you where he is, right under the table in the Cabinet Room, laughing on the floor at his “gofer” CARL BETHEL, and talking to himself saying, “Belinda don’t call me!”


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  9. Right now the whole school system, look jack right up!! If this is the Minister attitude towards resolving problem, I am not surprise of mess these schools find themselves in. This was perfect opportunity for him to address these teachers concerns; he could have at least appeared to care. He should have made notes of their concerns and let them know he would get back to them on the once he thought was important. He wasted the tax payers’ money by going and making the matters worse. He and the PM owe those teachers and the general public an apology and he should consider resigning, if he can’t handle the pressure.

  10. The teachers lack the required leadership afterall their leader the Wilson lady is a PE teacher ….so go figure Dese days they call anyone teacher. dis is why the public school system is in such a mess and generally produces one dummy after another.

  11. Thomas Finley and Joe Blow know how to turn a blind eye when it suits their purposes. You are the kind of people that is keeping this nation back. There is nothing wrong with supporting these people and party, but you have to fair in your evaluations of these situations. This is no time to playing kissing up, because it is our nation children that are being affected by all of this. What is happening now could have a lasting impact on our society. Joe Blow the other day you had me thinking you understand these children needs, you need to encourage the people who you serve to do better.

  12. Media: Rupert must be joking, if you join the PLP who suppose to expose these corrupt Ministers of the government and these wutless media? You are in the right position; you are the only media that keep these people on their toes. If it was not for BP this country would be much worst.

  13. Joe Impersonator: shows how much you know, you must be a regular viewer of MSNBC to be speaking all those lies. Joe the Plumber, the real one, is much more of a man then you will ever be. He voted for McCain because Obama is the one that is raising taxes among other things. Obama cannot be trusted and Joe knows this. So be on your way oh fake one.

  14. Thomas I thought I was a fool by voting for Mccain who will raise my taxes but you Thomas Finley, you make no sense at all. The School is a Public Building. Carl is reponsible. Stop trying to put the blame on someone else. He is a snob and how he acted on the news today, he gatta be Gay. I neva see more neck braking and wining like that in my Life…Thomas on the pay roll jus like me with the Republicans

  15. Media, unfortunately he is one of H.I.’s boys so I dont look for him to be resigning any time soon.


    Our job and role in this is to present REAL NEWS to this country and expose the WICKED DECEPTION now corrupting this country.

    Has anyone heard Carl Bethel’s resignation as yet???? IS IT OFFICIAL????

    BP / Editor

  17. Thomas Finley rears his head again on this blog in total defence of H.I. and his boys. YES !!!! Its the GOVERNMENT’S JOB to take care of GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS and it is most IMPERATIVE that the MINISTER OF EDUCATION BE INVOLVED IN EVERY ASPECT OF the schools betterment. That is the job he signed up for so HE IS responsible.

    What kinda fart you talking? Stop being a fool for politicians. So the parents suppose to call the pest control company and pay out of their pockets and then take Ajax and clean up the bathrooms and call in the plumber and pay for the TERLETS to get fixed???? You got to be kidding me!!!!!!

  18. All I know that this should not fall on the shoulders of the teachers. If they need to put a school board or whatever in place to deal with the maintenance of these schools, the government needs to hurry up and do it. These teachers need to be focusing on teaching our children and not dealing with these rodents and developing health problems, because of unsanitary conditions at these schools.

  19. Didn’t the Department of Health go into the school and conduct a clean-up program two weeks ago? (Or was thay another school with the same problem?) And didn’t a minor official convey to the staff that the problem had been fixed? Then didn’t the teachers decide they needed confirmation from a higher authority and so decided not to return to work.
    Once again, this gives credence to the call for strong local school boards to take over and relieve the Ministry free to make policy decisions and conduct oversite. Thomas Finely has the right ideas.

  20. Kim, I agree with your last statement, save for the government having to get involved.They should make policy, then the line staff should take over. There is no need for any Minister to fly in from wherever to talk about rodents.Are you kidding me?!!

  21. BP, you sound like that person our party needs… would you be up for the job?..LOL
    On a serious note, do you see any potential leaders in the PLP, or do you see a third party forming?

  22. Thomas we are talking about unsanitary conditions at the school. Parent should not be called in to deal with rodents, mold and mildew which are causing the teachers and students respiratory problems. Things of this nature the government should send in the professionals to deal with it. I don’t have problem with them having a clean up day at the school and the community coming out and lending a hand. Our children are already following behind in competing with the rest of the world. Teachers should be spending time teaching our children, not dealing with rodents. The government should have people inspecting these school premises periodically and making sure that teachers and students are in an acceptable environment.

  23. Kim that is why you have branches, I sense the PLP has no (INTERNAL STRATEGIST). And with the absence of a HARD IRON FIST LEADER, the organization is gliding without a rudder.

    Here is what the PLP needs. It need a INTERNAL strategist, an officer who sets the agenda of the organization. One who layout the party response machine and one who ax out ALL THE SNITCHES TO THE TRIBUNE.


    So from where I sit that person is clearly NO WHERE, and if they want to regain the government, they need this person TODAY! And need THAT PERSON quickly!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: I will tell you from my personal experience RUPERT, no political organization functions without such an individual. Go into any company or organization and tell me if you would not find such a person I mentioned?

  24. Kim do you believe that parents should take an active interest in their schools? Should pride be instilled in the students so that they understand that the school belongs to them to pass on to those that follow, and that they need to build a strong tradition of excellence in academics, sport, leadership and civics? What is difficult to understand about that? Great countries are built by great people, and not no one individual, or 40 individuals. What is wrong with my people man? Pettiness and sillyness will finish us off directly..

  25. We might as well stop having election and making these people ministers of this and that. If it is all our responsibility to fix these schools, we don’t need those MPs if their duties are to do nothing. Thomas must be thinking we elect these people, so they could show us how nice they look in their suits and to drive up and down in these government cars and sit up in office with air-condition and play with their fingers.

  26. LOL! LOL! LOL now Rupert if you knew me personally, you would know I am the most serious fella, but that last comment, “I know your first item on that list would be,… get rid of PC but that’s excluded.” Got me laughing like OUT LOUD!



  27. Trust me, those MPs are very busy people, if this did not have nothing to do with him, he was not jump on the plane to go to the meeting to begin with.

  28. Yeah BP, where the hell is the opposition. why don’t they hold a press conference or make some… I think the question should be BP is what the hell can the opposition do….. BP here’s what i thing you should do, create a list of what you think they (the opposition) should do and post it here. Maybe, just maybe they may follow your lead…I know your first item on that list would be,… get rid of PC but that’s excluded.

  29. Thomas you comment explains why it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the minister to listen to the teachers. Because If he cannot lead, then how can the ministry follow?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor.

    PS: He got off with the RAPE OF HIS SON, but now he cussing the Parents, Teachers and BUT President? Come ON Thomas, the minister’s time is UP!

  30. Kim, they are trying to help themselves by describing the problems to the Minister?! they could have said these things to the Principal. Why the Minister has to be involved in something so routine, not to mention mundane?

    Someone needs to show leadership at that school to stop children destroying the place as well as a programme of upkeep, etc. Do the parents really care? My my my….

  31. The schools belong to all of us, not to Carl Bethell.We are all responsible for the state of the Public Schools.

  32. This is so hilarious! How the hell the minister could walk off and give the teachers the hand, when the teachers are trying to help themselves by explaining the conditions at the school to him? What the hell he was elected for?

  33. Form a committee and repair the dyam school like they would do in Spanish Wells. Help yourselves and stop waiting to be hand fed by massa!

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