A work of art by Burnside as he illustrates the policy change of BEC on hardworking Bahamians.

Nassau, Bahamas:
Of the 5,999 persons disconnected from BEC in a massive disconnection exercise, only 800 persons have agreed to sign onto a relief package offered by the Ingraham government. Amazingly, this means that over 5,000 persons who were reconnected will have their lights off again, thanks to Hubert Ingraham.

Members of the Ingraham government are shocked to see how they have jacked up the Bahamian economy in less than a year. They [FNM] had NO ECONOMIC PLAN, turning the country from economic boom to BUST in less than a year.  Bahamians are hungry, out of work, in debt up to their eyeballs and now in Parliament [Which fail to meet], Hubert Ingraham is laughing like a hyena! One must remember he was the man who OPENLY SAID how he was ASHAMED OF THE BAHAMIAN People!

Bahamas Press warned that this would be the result after Ingraham’s WUTLESS government stopped over $90 million in spending in 2007. Now layoffs are common, and mothers and babies are crying for food at the same time. But what makes it worse? Everywhere you go there are long, LONG lines of people begging for help. Church soup kitchens are running out of food, Social Services are jammed every morning and yesterday, the public saw the mayhem at the Bahamas Hotel Workers Union building, as hundreds of hotel workers stormed around the complex taking a door off its hinge looking for relief.

Who could have believed that in one year, the Bahamian people would be looking for food and fighting for it when found? Bahamas Press says the blame should be placed squarely at the feet of Hubert ALEXANDER Ingraham! He stared all this, and now he has his Gestapo police all over the place, WORKING WITH THE WUTLESS TRIBUNE, trying to write bogus stories on PLP MPs in hopes to deflect the BAD situation now on the ground.

It tells you, that Ingraham and the Tribune are pleased with the STATE OF THE BAHAMIAN ECONOMY! They are both pleased with young mothers crying for food. They are pleased that hundreds of household lights were turned off and that Bahamians are struggling to pay bills. They are both please that Bahamians are unemployed and if you look closely at Ingraham’s Tribune newspaper, they have yet to report on the CRISES OF UNEMPLOYMENT AND SUFFERING NOW FACING THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY!

Its was the WUTLESS Tribune’s editorial that went on record to suggest that both Christie and Pindling mismanaged the economy of the Bahamas and has left a record of disaster. But we at Bahamas Press wonder what are they saying now that Ingraham has burrowed more money than both Christie and Pindling administrations combine. Hubert Ingraham has led the largest Tax Increase on the Bahamian worker in the history of this country. Hubert has tightened the noose of  the growing national debt around the necks of young Bahamians and many unborn. AND he has in less then one year, disgraced the public by stripping many of their dignity in providing for their families. Hubert Ingraham has done this and yes silence comes from the WUTLESS Tribune [TOILET PAPER] on these matters.

Here is what you get when one puts INGRAHAM, the WUTLESS Tribune and the now Gestapo Royal Bahamas Police Force together, the word NAZI comes to mind!

We need Change!


  1. BREAKING NEWS>>>> Music Artist Movado has been denied entry into the Bahamas and will not perform at the Millennium Concert now underway at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre.


  2. Understood Joe Blow. The only thing with this hotel union assistance exercise that annoyed me was when someone representing the hotel workers said some of them were disappointed that the assistance was paid in cheque to their debtors. They actually wanted CASH in hand. Now as much as I know some of them are in need of paying their bills, I KNOW that if they got cash in hand, Bahamasair would be getting PLENTY calls for Miami reservations. Prioritizing with the little we have is a MUST.

  3. Media recently the PLP have been so quiet, it almost feel like there is no opposition. I really don’t know what on with them; I guess they are no better so it don’t make sense to say any thing.

  4. Teachers them was already frustrated, there is no way he was suppose to walk out on them without giving them some assurance that he would have the matter resolve and quickly.

  5. Thomas Finley people like you need to stop encouraging these MPs and their foolishness. You have to give right where right is and wrong where wrong is. I much as I like Carl I am not encouraging him and his foolishness.

  6. There is no sense in my belabouring the point because you will never understand it. You Media are like the kettle calling the pot (Tribune) black.

  7. We are NOT disingenuous JOE, YOU LIED when you said we never made reference to our headline. You are as equally as deceptive as HUBERT INGRAHAM AND THE WUTLESS TRIBUNE.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  8. Media, I am finding it hard to believe that the FNM govt has borrowed more money in their 11 years in office than the PLP borrowed in their 30 years in office…??????

    Are you serious???

    Then what about all that money that they borrowed from NIB??? Is that included in their borrowing???


  9. Joe Blow, you are so out of touch.

    #1..It was said in the HOA that the cap on the sur charge up to 800kw was to last until December and not the offer.

    #2..The offer was to come up with 25% and not 30%.

    #3..Further, the majority of those persons who had their lights turned on and made the deal with BEC, their lights would most likely be turned off before the end of January!!

    Exactly how did the govt help those people??

    Do you mean by reimplementing a policy that they stopped and adjusting it a bit??

    Come on Joe Blow….Get real…

  10. Drama King Because we are fortunate to be in the category of the “haves” we share with the “have nots” in this society.The fruit and vegetables that we grow are shared with our neighbours and others. We provide a senior citizen with her meat products so she will get her protein. Dear soul that she is she gives us pigeon peas that she grows.We provide eggs to one of the senior citizens’ homes and when they are in need of clothing and bed linens, we assist. The woman that irons for us has two children and we provide them with a years supply of vitamins every year as well as much of their clothing needs and food. My point was not that I am being “heartless” but that regardless of our circumstances we must act responsibly.I recognize that people on low fixed incomes need assistance but there are some out there who are standing in those long lines because they did not priortize their monies. And there are scamers who will always grab for that something and give nothing in return. My quarrel with media is that he often does not relate his writing to his headline and that is disingenuous.

  11. Joe Blow…come on you being unreasonable you know. The people accounts were deliquent because they CANT AFFORD the massive bills shoved down their throats while they working ONE day a week or getting laid off. Come on man have a heart !! You must be is Heartless Hubert Ingraham.

  12. But Joe, if you know anything about news, IT IS NEW INFORMATION. And in our article we presented what was NEW INFORMATION.

    Now here is what you said, “However nowhere in the article do you speak to this headline.”

    But now come in here to point to us and TELL US what we should be writing? Even JOE the DUMB plumber knows better then that. We said just what we want to say and that is that in this, that PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY, OUT OF WORK, IN DEBT and BREAKING DOWN DOORS IN THIS COUNTRY to find help, THANKS TO HUBERT ALEXANDER!


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  13. I have not read that the total amount must be paid. When did this come into effect and who made the announcement? At the last sitting of the House it was announced that the reconnection would last till at least Dec. 31 and that customers were being given the opportunity to pay a deposit of 30% on their past due amounts ( as compared to 80% in the past) and then 2 years to catch up on the balance, on a monthly basis.In last night’s news there was an extention granted because so few had taken advatage of the offer.

  14. Media: Yes I read the article in its entirety
    and indeed you did briefly speak to the issue way down in the article. However that was not the focus of your article. It would have been more to the point if you had put those few words in the first paragraph and then explained to your bloggers why the long lines were at the Union Complex.(31 words dedicated to the headline out of approximately 5,000 words in the article) DAH!

  15. CORRECTION JOE, 5,999 consumers, NOT 5,000, NOT 4,000 as reported by ZNS but 5,999 disconnected and only 800 and some have signed the agreement.

    The story here however is NOT the fact that BEC is a BUSINESS. The news here is that BEC CHANGED ITS PAYMENT POLICY FROM SOME PAYMENT, TO ALL MUST BE PAID. THAT’S THE NEWS!

    BP/ Editor

  16. 5000 households had their electricity shut off because they were delinquent paying their bills. BEC is a business. When it provides a service it must be paid in order for it to continue to operate. It is the obligation of all of us who use the service to pay for that in a timely fashion. BEC operates its generators using fuel for which it must pay what the marketplace dictates. The government imposes a tax % on the import of that fuel.It is one way to obtain money for all the services the country must provide. As prices rise for you and I, it also rises for the government. The government could have and perhaps should have put a “cap” on the amount of fuel tax it assesses. However, the public has a responsibility too. How many made an effort to reduce their usage by implementing the many suggestions that were made in the last 18 months? How many, seeing the rise in the surcharge, adjusted their budgets to meet the costs that were rising? So far only 20% of the persons affected have taken advantage of the very generous offer of the government to help them solve their dilema. That is vey disappointing. Perhaps the union incentive will encourage more to take advantage of the plan to help. In the meantime there are those who will take advantage of the reconnecting due to the electricity mortorium and decide not to comply because they know the power will not be turned off for them until the new year. And no doubt they will expect another extention. In this instance the Prime Minister has a right to be “ashamed” of some of these people.

  17. So Joe the headline is Misleading? Or you just did not read the article. We wrote this:

    Social Services are jammed every morning and yesterday, the public saw the mayhem at the Bahamas Hotel Workers Union building, as hundreds of hotel workers stormed around the complex taking a door off its hinge looking for relief.

    So how did you come to that conclusion saying: “however nowhere in the article do you speak to this headline.”

    Read READ READ Bahamians!!!!!! Especially you JOE BLOW (THE PLUMBER).

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  18. The headline to the article reads “look at the lines at hotel union buildings”. However nowhere in the article do you speak to this headline. If you are going to continually castigate the daily newspapers you need to examine your own journalism practices. The union has tapped into a fund, built up over the years, to give some aid to those faithful members who need help either paying down on their electricity bill or to help make mortgage payments or buy food for their families. The only ones who may access these funds are members of unions who have contributed to the fund. Secondly, the fund managers have made it quite clear that no actual money will be giveb to those members. Upon presenting their bills, the managers will make direct payments to the companies concerned. This is not only fair but wise. Unfortunately, the amount of money in the fund, though on the surface looks like a lot, works out to be about $1,000.00 per persons eligible. As is typical of some people there are complaints that : it is not enough money : that the cash should be put into their hands directly and that the whole process is chaotic. The last point is true but they have moved quickly to mitigate that particular problem. This whole episode points out once again that the country must instigate an unemployment scheme wherein the employee, the employer and the government contribute an equal amount of money to an unemployment fund so that when there are layoffs, for any reason, the workers can access some money to tide them over for a period of time.

  19. My wife had a dream about this about 1 year ago!!

    She wrote it on another bahamian website but because she carried the name ProudPLP, the FNMs on that site just made fun of her dream and thought that it was so funny.. I wonder how many of them are laughing now!!

    And just like Bahamaspress she said that what went on in her dream was totally HI’s fault..But unlike those FNMs, I have heard many of her dreams and watch them come through!!

    She tells all of her friends that they are pregnant before they know it because she dreams about it! More later..

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