Locksmiths from the bank put new locks on VAT Coordinator’s Home


Alfred Gray wanted Christie to save Lightbourne’s home, but he was also the person who wanted to put Arawak Cay Vendors on the pavement when they could not pay their rent!

Vat Coordinator Ishmael Lightbourne

What makes Ishmael Lightbourne so special to Christie Dem?

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms Ishmael Lightbourne is now a homeless citizen advising Christie on Vat.

Sources to BP confirmed locksmiths representing First Caribbean Bank International showed up early this morning at Lightbourne’s palatial beachfront home out west to change the locks on his property.

The home has been in foreclosure and, with judgments from the courts, was ordered to be seized by the bank.

The last attempt by the bank to take possession of the residence a few weeks ago was stopped after Prime Minister Christie intervened.

Mr. Christie told Parliament a few weeks ago: “I knew he was challenged and didn’t have any money. I knew he had descended to the bottom, one who had been at the top, and I knew he was entirely to blame for the error of judgment that he made. But this is a man with a wife and children, a wife who was grievously ill. I called the managing director of the bank and asked the managing director, she was travelling, I said please call me. She called me. (I said) what can I do as prime minister to stop this man from being put out his house today?”

Christie’s comments came with fire and brimstone from opposition and government supporters, who could not believe how here was someone who was advising the country on Vat, yet he himself was in financial ruins.

MICAL MP V. Alfred Gray was ready to throw Arawak Cay vendors out of their businesses.

Minister V. Alfred Gray came out in support of Mr. Christie’s comments for his friend Lightbourne – but what is indeed interesting is that when vendors at Arawak Cay were in default in paying their rentals to the government operated facilities at the Cay, it was Gray himself who threaten to put those businesses on the pavement and out of business!

One must ask now: What makes Lighbourne sooo special to the Christie Regime?

Lucky for Lightbourne, though, he has friends in high places who could not only hire him at $120,000, but give him a raise at the public expense in one year – while more than 33% of young persons who the Christie Regime promised to ‘Believe In’ continue to walk the pavement in search of a chance at their first real job.

Boy I tell ya! What in the hell is dis? Say they ga put young people first! SELLING DREAMS!

We report yinner decide!