Look at the foreign workers on the bank line!



Every Friday this is the scene at First Caribbean Bank on JFK Drive. Asian and Haitian construction labourers on last Friday seen here standing outside the bank trying to cash their cheques. Now we have couple concerns we have with this picture. Why are there separate lines for foreign workers and Bahamian workers at the bank in this country? Is it not discrimination against the workers who should have an equal right to the services at the bank?

This picture reminded us of an incident at a local police station. Where a creole speaking woman entered the station, in tears complaining of how she had to run away from a man who pulled a machete on her and threatening to end her life in her neighbourhood. The woman was left with a scared mark on her hand and neck from the weapon. The police response to her plea was, “Woman try get out here and leave the man alone here?”

Bahamas Press is in no way suggestive here of any support for the overbearing state of the illegal situation in this country, but we wonder why are the people of this country soo DUPLICITOUS when it comes to the treatment of foreign residents, whom they continue to employ Bahamians? Or do we hire them so that SLAVE MASTER mentality can be exercised?


  1. BP, I was amazed to see those foreigners out side the bank at J.F.K. this weekend. And its looks like the identicall picture shown above. When I stepped out of the bank, the surrondings seemed ohh so familiar(DAJA VU). But then I realized that this familiar scenery was posted up on your site.

  2. GCF…GOOD NEWS !!! I watched a “take down” of two 13 year old fellas by the cops last holiday. They were driving at a speed on their scooter with NO HELMITS having a blast near the Western Esplanade and the cops pulled up on them and SEIZED them and their ride. I watched in glee as there is too much foolishness going on on our streets by young people.

    BP I cant stop warning Morehands about his blood pressure and getting all bent out of shape about news posted on this site. He must be HI…thats all I can say.

  3. Good point BP. On another note, when will the police stop these young primary & junior school children from riding their mini scooters in public traffic, with out being license.

    Beside someone getting hurt, would these young children, who are BREAKING THE LAW NOW, obey the law in future?

  4. Morehands, there is no distortion here, do visit the bank today and see if what we are saying is true or not. Don’t come glued on here suggesting otherwise.

    We know what we are saying here. The bank has separate lines and this reminds us too often of the 60s with coloured and whites bathrooms in American or the Nazi separatist exercises in Germany.

    Or to bring it clearer, lets look at the genesis of The Rwandan Genocide episode which classed Hutu and Tutsi citizens right down to the children in the classrooms of that country by the former Belgium authority. What made all those BLACK people different? What made them Hutu from Tutsi. Even the people being separated could not understand the differences which was only on their passport. We continue to do this and more and more we continue to make the same mistake in the history of the human race.

    This is a picture we see too often in history lessons to ignore. And you ‘Morehands’ should have NO SAY ON THIS!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  5. False reporting! Distortion of a picture! Stop trying to insight social anarchy. I don’t see separate lines for nationalities. I see two guys waiting on the side (maybe getting out the sun or maybe just waiting on their buddies to come outside with the money they owe them). That look like a Bahamian leaning against that post in front of the line to me. I guess he’s the slave driver, aye?

    I offered two Bahamian fellows a job at my house, they told me the sun too hot to work outside. I offered two Haitian fellows the same job later in the day, after they finished they told me to call them whenever I need help again.

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