Suspected Drug Use by Jamaican Athletes



Jamaican Athletes dominate Caribbean on the world track stage in Beijing.

By Michael Mathisson

A 200 kilo shipment of suspected Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) addressed to the Jamaican track team at the Olympic Village was seized by authorities at the Wong Hung Lo docks in Beijing early this morning. Coming on the heels of the disclosure that a member of the JA team has tested positive for a banned substance, the news has rocked the JAAA and cast an even greater pall over the team’s preparations for the Games.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior customs inspector told Reuters that suspicions were aroused by the bulky and lumpy shipment which was wrapped in rough, dirty burlap. Stenciled in bold letters on the bag was the address of the Jamaican team at the Village and also the words:__DELIVER TO ASAFA, USAIN, VERONICA and KERRON … DEM CYAAN RUN GOOD WITHOUT IT.__Upon opening the package, dozens and dozens of a dirty, tubular product was discovered and immediately sent to the WADA lab in Beijing for testing. Chinese customs are certain that they have intercepted a shipment of pure, unprocessed steroids and have put the IAAF and the JAAA on notice that severe action will be taken as soon as WADA confirms their findings.__The picture below is of one of the mystery products from the shipment and was taken at the lab just before testing commenced. We will update this story as soon as there is more to report as indeed the entire world of track and field anxiously awaits WADA’s report.


The reported packaged suspected drugs, Yam! LOL! 


  1. so, no calypsonian yet to put the article into music ? I just love it ! wonder what the author of the article has to say about this thread ? One Love, sort of worn out from Gustav, from Jamaica ! Guess I boil some yam and Asafa (pardon me) Cassava in the morning for some energy to face the rest of the storms brewing off the coast of Africa !

  2. 876 I advise you to chill out. And YES racial means more than colour of skin. Bahamians are not DUMB!! You guys won your gold medals. Steroid use or not, be proud of your country and stop talking bout “ya’ll Bahamians”.

  3. BP, where you at man. These foulkes are getting readyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooo rummmmmmble. My bets on 876-Girl, she seems like she would burry a fellow in a second. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  4. 876-Girl,you are surely the dumb one here.Being racial is more than colour.And to add insult to injury you are again using disparaging remarks against Bahamians by being sarcastic.You are a bitch who needs to be put in her place.

  5. Whats racial about saying “y’all Bahamians”????? I made absolutely no reference to colour. Are Bahamians of another race? Dumb dumb dumb. You just proved my point.

  6. Honestly I do not know who started those rumors but it gives me the impression that who ever he/she is,is jealous. Why whenever someone who seems to be doing good and making their island/country and themselves proud they have to be friggin picked on and put down. I hope it isn’t because of racism.
    Because i am getting tired of this sh#t.
    We need to start looking at people for who they are and not their color. we have it too much in our families, at our work place in politics ,etc. Put it to rest. This world is already hectic as it is.

  7. From that article you are talking about it quotes Mike Fennell, president of the Jamaican Olympic Association as saying,

    “What I think almost amuses us is why some people in the world don’t feel that others can be that good,” Fennell said. “We have been good for a very long time. We first participated in the Olympic Games in 1948, when we broke onto the international scene by winning the 400m in London. That was exceeded in Helsinki in 1952, and we haven’t looked back since. The quality of the coaching and the quality of the talent we have showing up now is justifying our place as a leading athletic country in the world.”

    Congratulations to our Caribbean brothers and sisters.

  8. You guys were only joking but must have put’mouth ‘ on them. I just read a story on which suggest that there are some suspicion about the Jamaican team and doping.

  9. Young lady if you cannot be non racial then get lost.I am Bahamian and do a lot of reading and was able to come across your asanine quote.I AM hAPPY FOR THE jAMAICAN ATHLETES since they represent all poor black Caribbean countries.However your disparaging remark about Bahamians is in poor taste and I expect you to apologise so we can move on.

  10. This article is great, for those who understand it ! I suggest some Calypsonian writes the music for it and makes a song. However, I was very disturbed when, on a German Tourism Website, the article was taken seriously ! I had to type with ‘blood’ on my fingers to clarify the fact that this was a satire, just wonderful to me, but for the ‘normal’German mind, confusing ! One Love from Jamaica !

  11. Whats this about “Ya’ll Bahamians”…do I sense something racial here?

    If its a joke then so be it. It aint like BP wrote it.

    Morehands I totally agree with the Chris Brown thing. I felt so bad for him…he was cheated out of his medal. Is anyone over there protesting on our behalf??

  12. I agree with Jamazing. This is in poor taste and you know y’all Bahamians don’t like to read read….persons could read the headline only and think its true. VERY VERY POOR TASTE.

  13. Media, you missed the punchline. It is the photo of the yam at the bottom of the story.

  14. I hope for your sake what you put up here is true. If not you not only embarras yourself but all Bahamians as casting us as nasty and jealous. I know alot of us talk and joke about what Jamaican athletes put “in their tea” but if this is fake… put this out in the public as legitimate news is way too deep and low.

  15. Media I agree with Truth, because this is a joke you should remove this article or at least add that it is just an online joke posted all over the internet. Some readers may take it serious and say something stupid to the wrong person. Some of your 440,000 readers may be Jamaica and you don’t want a Yardie boycott of Bahamas Press.

    Altec, that SI article reeks of the usual arrogance and ignorance from the North. Did you read the part where they said they were surprised to see the Jamaican track kids actually were spikes? Were they expecting them to be barefoot?

    I think it was cowardly what that American runner did to Chris Brown. The American news call it “heroic” but BBC and CBC are calling it “questionable”. He should have taken his beating from the Bahamas like a man rather than diving like a lil sissy.

  16. Come on now that has gat to be bigus in this world of post 911 security and endless scanning and exrays you think something like that owuld actualyy get to the olympic village? and marked the way they described?….come on

  17. Is this a joke or is it serious?

    I mean I suspsected the team myself but would they be dumb enough to have something shipped to them out in the open like that?

    I think someone set them up. But on the serious, my heart bleeds for Chris Brown. They rob him man.

  18. This was a joke. It is not a nytimes story.

    You should take this down because Bahamians will think the story is real.


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