Turmoil erupting in Paradise Island's Atlantis Resort



Atlantis the world’s vacation destination having issues with workers.

Paradise Island, Bahamas: Bahamas Press can now report that problems are brewing at the world famous Atlantis Resorts as workers are becoming uneasy with terminations across the hotel property.

One worker at the five star Ocean Club property is calling it a ‘CRISIS’ as workers are finding no help from their Hotel Union President Roy Colebroke. “Colebroke is a sellout to us unionized workers here at this property. On Monday we had an open meeting with the management here at Ocean Club which was for the management to hear our concerns. We have many problems here and everyone including management did appear, but NOT A SINGLE MEMBER FROM THE HOTEL UNION Executive TEAM APPEARED AT MONDAY’S MEETING TO HEAR OUR CRIES. The hotel union is not speaking up for us workers anymore, just as they have not spoken for the scores now being fired daily at the Baha Mar Cable Beach property,” one Ocean Club worker told Bahamas Press.

On last Friday, Baha Mar announced the firings of some 43 employees at that resort. Twenty four hours earlier Hotel Union President Roy Colebroke told news teams that some fifteen workers will receive terminations from the property.

The problems at Atlantis is believed to be the tremors from the downturn in the global economy. With decreased stopover visitor arrivals, hotel property owners are shedding staff. “It is so uneasy here at Atlantis, everyday some is going home and on a daily basis the scares are of being unemployed are a reality,” another worker said.

Another source in Ocean Club told Bahamas Press that some of the firing are both Bahamian and foreign line staff. One such person in particular was James Scott, an Englishman. Scott was fired by property owner Sol Kerzner on the spot, right in front of hotel workers, according to a worker at the resort. The worker at the property told Bahamas Press that Scott was the 6th manager fired from the Ocean Club property. The dismissals have sent such an uneasiness with working relations at the property that many workers are calling for transfers into other areas with the Atlantis Resort.

“There was such a large number of persons from the Ocean Club requesting to transfer over to the Cove and the Reef, that Human Resources told managers that they were only allowing one staff per department to make transfers. As a result of that staff are now leaving the company, in order to find opportunity at other job areas.

“Atlantis trained staff are being courted to help buffer the failing hotel, however, a number of them are now attempting to return back to the bigger major resort. Staff moral is low, and rumor has it that they are waiting for the opening of Ritz Carlton chain, which Russell Miller is a senior Vice President. In fact, Miller is often seen on the property making rounds encouraging staff that help and hope are on the way.

“The old Hartford Wing, is deteriorating; guest are complaining and opting to stay at the cove instead of the 5 star resort,” an Ocean Club worker told Bahamas Press.


  1. This is very sad as single mothers and husbands work there and have to feed their families.

    …and these people say we are not in recession?

  2. BREAKING NEWS >>>> : A police officer was stabbed with a sharp object in the Golden Gates Shopping Shopping Centre area on late Wednesday afternoon. Bahamas Press has learned that up to late evening the officer was still receiving medical attention and his condition is still unknown.

    The victim’s attackers is said to have turned himself into police custody just after the incident. Police investigations into the matter continues.

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