Look at the hundreds of Bahamians on Grand Bahama unemployed at a Job Fair…


Nassau – Saturday was explosive as hundred of young and old Grand Bahamains fired since May 10th showed up at a Government sponsored Job Fair on the island.

The road was jammed and traffic lined for blocks with persons seeking to find a job. Grand Bahama is ground zero for the unemployment numbers in the Bahamas. And while people are looking for work, Quasi Thompson has told Grand Bahamians unemployment numbers are down. Well wait! Watch the clip for yourselves.

Meanwhile officers from the Traffic Division conducted a road check on East Sunrise Highway on Thursday 15th February 2018. Their efforts were intended to maintain road safety, reduce the number of road accidents, to show police presence, and to ensure that all road users are complying with the rules and regulations of the road. It was also to encourage and advise vehicle owners to collect their new license plates.

We report yinner decide!