Loretta Butler-Turner is one of many MPs who fails to file her records with the Public Disclosure Commissioner – and yet she on TV talking ’bout Christie abusing power?


Butler-Turner refused to spend the extra 3 million dollars placed in the budget to help the poor when she served as Minister for Social Services…

People in Long Island catching hell and cannot hear from their MP Loretta Butler-Turner !

Where was Butler-Turner when Duane Sands threw a single mother out of her home in 2011???

Nassau, Bahamas — When we at Bahamas Press tell you we have no horse in the race over this Ishmael Lightbourne issue, we have none.

We know, and were the first to reveal, that the Christie Regime’s Mortgage Relief Programme was a dismal and absolute failure.

Thousands of homeowners sat and watched their homes repossessed under the Ingraham Regime and not a damn thing was done.

Christie came to power and the backlash was deafening. Not one of the New Generation of Leaders loaned their voice to save Bahamians from getting the boot out of their homes, even some who had been making mortgage payments for 25 years.

But, lo and behold, Loretta Butler Turner shows up from nowhere suggesting that mortgage holders now in default should protest Christie’s attempt to save his friend [Lightboure] from foreclosure of his home?

Some must ask Butler-Turner where she was when thousands upon thousands were losing their homes in the heart of the crisis back in 2008/09 and 10. Where was her voice when Duane Sands threw a single mother out of her government home with all 7 children during the coldest month in winter of 2011?

Where was she when banks were kicking and slapping Bahamians night and day like Holocaust Victims while she sat in the Ingraham Cabinet and you could not hear a damn word from her or that failed regime?!

What is even more interesting about Butler –Turner’s comments today in the media is that she charges that Prime Minister Christie is abusing power over his intervention for Lightbourne and that we “Joe Public” must now protest!?

Her head good?

Well, Bahamas Press now has exclusive information on how Loretta Butler-Turner is one MP who refuses to disclose her returns to the Public Disclosure Commissioner! And she refuses to and we wonder why?

This is interesting because, when you could go around slapping people and failing to adhere to the laws of the Bahamas, Parliament in particular, it is clear that such a person is unfit to lead people down any street or anywhere!

Butler-Turner should disclose as required by law her data to the Commissioner, and, when she does that, then she can come talk to the people because that right there is the rankest form of ABUSE!!! And is a breaking of Bahamian laws!

We report yinner decide!