Loretta Butler-Turner’s actions in the Parliament Must Not Go UNNOTICED! She must resign as Deputy Leader of the FNM


Where is the DNA who had much to say last week about crime and violence? They ARE MUTE TONIGHT on Loretta’s shameful behaviour!

Loretta Butler Turner slaps Rollins a BITCH SLAP in the Parliament today. WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS!?

Will The Tribune call for her resignation as deputy leader of the FNM

Nassau, Bahamas — We call on the Tribune as they called on Smith and Gibson to resign and pay for the table, we call on them and their GUTLESS WUTLESS WAYS to call the same on Loretta Butler-Turner.

We call on Big Sexy to resign forthwith – And Do the Honourable THING!

We always know the FNM was prone to VIOLENCE! They had the Goon Squad to break up PLP shops in the 1970s. They burned down Oscar Johnson’s printing shop, caused the death Wendall ‘Red’ Burrows in Perpall Track and caused two people to go to the gallows.

They broke up Lionel Davis Headquarters in Fox Hill! They ran the goon squad out of Spring Hill Farms – Property owned by Jimmy Shepard.

No wonder they like the KKK carries the TORCH as their symbol. It was a movement created to get rid of Sir Lynden by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!


She is following into thier historical past of FNM VIOLENCE and GOON SQUADS! SHE MUST GO AND GO NOW!! VIOLENCE IS something the country does not need at this time. She has brought disdain to the WOMEN of the Free National Movement and disgrace to the people of Long Island.



  1. lol you press people makes me depress compress over dress and what ever type of press, Feel me now i am PLP and proud, but lets put right where right is, lots of men now a days feel it’s right to put their hands on not just women but man as well when they speak, the poking and the shoving to make a point has become the thing of the day, I don’t care what he said to her as long as he spoke it but the minute he rest his hands on her private person! he should be picking his face of the floor, i dnt care if he touch her shoulders r where ever should have put him on the ground put her 895 pounds on him till he farted butter, Now you say step down or resign (i mean that will be nice) but the dish bag who touch her should be in fox-hill SLAP women SLAP

  2. I give Mrs. Turner all right to this matter due to what had physically transpired.

    We teach our children every day not to allow any one to touch them in any uncomfortable way or means.

    The same principle stand when it comes to adults.


  3. I would like to know what the MP said to MS Butler what was so dispiciable. I would also liketo know what Ms. Butler said about MP. M. Griffin


  4. What is so sad about all this is Bahamian women, children have been victims of sexual abuse and harassment for years. What is done about it, next to nothing. Why? We live in a misogynistic society where it is okay to behave in this manner. When a woman speak up or try to defend herself, she is seen as confrontational, mean spirited etc. How many men can say they have never participated in this type of behavior. Everyday we, including myself are victims of sexual harassment in this country. So so sad. I say hats off to LBT. She is woman and her roar was heard in that slap she dished out to Mr. Rollins. When defending oneself from this type of boorish behavior, I don’t think there is ever a good time to do so. So what she did in my books was quite justified and right on time.

  5. What is so sad in this country is how sexual harassment is condoned. I speak from the perspective of my country, the Bahamas that we live in a misogynistic society, where women are tolerated and not celebrated. It is to sad that many of us including myself are faced with sexual harassment comments, behavior everyday and for the most part we smile it off because we know nothing will be done. And if we so dare speak out against it, we are portrayed as the boorish, uncontrollable or bitchy. The question I ask my Bahamian men, how many of you have been guilty of this very behavior you thought to be okay?

  6. loretta Butler Turner might have been wrong ,but only for reacting to unwanted touch and whatever comments,everyone needs to know how far to go with others no matter where we are in life (respect goes a long way)This is some of the problem in this nation right now people don’t respect each other

  7. Its amazing that at this point and time in our country’s you are on the side of sexual harrassment.She had every right to do what she did. This type of behaviour is unbecomming of some one who sits in the honourable House of Assembly. He should be ashamed of himself.

  8. Bruce you can say what you wish, but this is a bad example for Bahamians and no one will elect a complete PSYCHO! She should step down for bringing disdain to the PARTY!

    • So I guess everyone forgot in abaco when mr. Rollins was harassing mrs. Turner to the point where the police had to be called in to deal with the matter. Plus Leslie miller calling her fat and all kinds of names. Please you people need to remember this just didn’t start. But Mabey if a person who treats you like nothing and insults you Everytime put there hands around you Mabey you all might not like that. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  9. I think everyone is overreacting as to Mrs. Butler-Turner’s actions. She said that she asked him to remove his arm from around her and he refused to do so. There are THREE sides to every story; your side, my side and the truth. None of us know what he said to her, but we have eyes to see that his arms were around her. She didn’t want them to be there and he wouldn’t move them. Now I’m not saying what she did was right. But don’t you think it’s about time the elected women of parliament stop sitting in those seats like trophees and stand up for themselves and all the women that elected them? I’m a man, but I’m so glad to see the FNM Deputy Leader defending herself. I would like to see that kind of backbone in some other politicians with great potential as well. Calling for Mrs. Butler-Turner to resign is a bit petty, especially when we have cabinet ministers doing much worse.

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