Lunch vendor says they have not been paid for two months by Government!


Government now behaving like bullies against students and LUNCH VENDORS

School Lunch vendors being bullied by Minnis Government!

Nassau – Lunch vendors at canteen locations around the country are screaming for help and want to know why they are not being paid.

Bahamas Press is learning government’s cheques to vendors have stalled for more than two months now. And no notice to vendors has come from the Government on when they will be paid. THIS IS CRIMINAL!

One vendor told BP, “I am unable to buy the necessary fruits and items from supplies to produce lunch for the children. We have a contract, which is not being followed. The government is breaking its own rules! It is like they want us to pack up and leave, too. Well, I have been a Vendor for over 12 years and I would be a fool to let them take away my livelihood. They are behaving like bullies and criminals who want to take lunch from the children and the vendor!”

Folks, this wicked, uncaring CRIMINAL MINNIS-LED Regime gats to GO! We guess Jeffery Lloyd is happy to hear about this, too.

We report yinner decide!


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