Changes at the Mortgage Corp. Underway!


<<< Tanya McCartney

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into our newsroom at this hour is confirming that former FNM Senator and former candidate for South Beach, Tanya McCartney is to be the new head at the Mortgage Corporation.

Ms. McCartney is presently the Managing Director of Finco, the mortgage arm of RBC, who for the first time in its history, has not paid dividends and posted a loss under her watch.

Ms. McCartney is the daughter of Alphonso “Boogaloo” Elliott, a close friend and Confidant of the Prime Minister.

Sources within the OPM have confirmed the appointment and one source said,” PM is taking care of his people, his sister in law was promoted to PS and now this, nepotism of the highest order”.

Agatha Marcelle soundly defeated Ms. McCartney in 2002 even after her father and the FNM put up big money behind her.

Another source told us, ” Tanya had a bitter taste of politics after it was alleged that Carl Bethel started a nasty rumour campaign against her and another colleague in the Punch. This was during the period when he served as Chairman of the FNM prior to the 2007 elections”

We will not report the bile or the nasty rumour that Carl Bethel was alleged to have started against Ms. McCartney, but we will report what a close friend of Carl Bethel told us about him. “He is a nasty, vindictive, sleazy and is a devious person who makes a poor excuse for a human being.”

The move from Finco is said to be due to the level of changes being made within RBC. The Trinidadians are taking over and making staffing changes. Several long time employees have been sent packing with one year’s salary. We will deal with RBC another day.

>>> Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ Bethel the most WUTLESS minister of education in the History of The Bahamas.


  1. Tanya/her father spent plenty money back in 2002.. One of my friends got $500.00….

    On another note I must say this. I can’t understand why people complain about any govt members offering their families, friends and supporters jobs. If I support a particular party, I expect them to look out for me..

    So what you all are saying is that if the FNM offers a PLP family member or supporter a contract or job that’s ok but if they offer that same job to their friends or supporters, it’s ok???

    As long as not only the governing party supporters, family and friends are getting all the contracts and jobs, I don’t care how many family, friends and supporters get jobs or contracts from them…

    How can we then complain about the government bringing in foreigners to do jobs that Bahamians can do if all we do is complain when they hire persons that they trust and can work with which in most cases are family, friends and supporters?????

    No wonder this government is afraid to hire many Bahamians!! We as Bahamians need to be more fair to our governments and allow them to do their work. Afterall that’s why they were elected, right!!

  2. Sorry Ianb, I have to agree with the others you are either out to lunch or may have become drunken with the HAI foolishness.

  3. truth or or consequ. You and I would not take up arms, but I am not sure of the young Bahamians of this day and age.

  4. ….Ingraham get away with all this nonesense. How did you vote(if you did)in the last election? did you vote for Ingraham? if you did then its people like us who created this monster. I didn’ t support him because i could see right through him and besides i voted for the PLP because i wanted health insurance.

  5. ianb, you are an ass; when the opposition speaks out Bahamians accuse them of only complaining but when they appear not to address a single little item, we complain that they are inept. You and all of us must realize what kind of animal we are dealing with in Hubert Ingraham. He is a bully who has ZNS and all the other media in his pocket. They don’t carry all the press statements that the PLP issues. They print what they feel like. I give the PLP credit for what they are doing and if we want change its to all of us to help the PLP. We canh’t take up arms, that would be wrong. We are trying to function democratically but thats not working either because we are dealing with a Dictator. Let us stop complaining about the PLP, ITS ALL OF US WHO ARE LETTING

  6. We have an inept opposition, all these issues and the leadership just goes along with the play no solution to fix a broken system…

  7. This is nonsensical Tanya is the Daughter of the Prime ministers business partner and friend another way to pay him back there are others that are out there but we stay silent and take what ever they give us we as Bahamians acted like they doing us a favor .

  8. Hey BP I like to know what is going on and often read your news everyday. I have one comment and that is please refrain from the insults and negative remarks, it is really a turn off. Continue to print the news but even if necessary to bring the public’s attention to pressing issues, please stick to the relevant facts because personal insults, leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

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