Make Blue Hill Road a Two-way Until Market Street is completed!

The poorly managed works now underway across New Providence. FILE PHOTO...

Nassau, Bahamas — Once again Bahamas Press is reporting the collateral damage the poorly managed road works are having on businesses all across the island of New Providence.

And when we say the road works are poorly managed, we mean the project is running rudderless without sound leadership. As you are aware Bahamas Press is presently doing site inspections on all the capital’s road networks, and what we’ve witnessed happening to businesses and residents affected, represents an UNCHRISTIAN, UNCHARITABLE and UNGODLY attack on the lives of people, and here’s a classic example.

This BP writer is a regular at the Keith’s Chicken Shack just off Market Street where dig ups are occurring. If one travels south on Market Street to get to the popular eatery, it is impossible task to reach. One must travel South on Market Street then turn west on Chapel Street, cross Blue Hill Road [which is only a north bound traffic lane now], turn south on hospital lane – by this time you are in the heart of Bain Town. If ya come out alive, exit Hospital Lane and turn east on Poinciana Drive to St. Barnabas Church and turn back onto Blue Hill Road driving north. Then turn east on Fleming Street to get to the Chicken Shack. Now we know you are confused, but some people in this country like those who hailed Hitler thinks this is progress.

Some apologist in the FNM would tell you this is advancement. They would suggest that that is the price for progress, what nonsense! All this driving to get to a chicken shack? Boy, them chicken must have been cooked in a Buckingham Palace Fryer.

People are riding up and down to get a meal, driving in circles, pulling out the hair they bought, all to get to Keith’s Chicken -in-da-bag. What a country! People are loosing weight behind the wheel and we continue to protest by saying the road works are Bad for Business!

Had the road builders possess wisdom, commonsense along with sound advise in the room when they were drafting this project, they would known better than to plot a traffic nightmare in the heart of the city; especially when they closed off Market Street. But to make matters worst both Market Street and Blue Hill Road arteries are under construction at same time. We wonder who came up with that JACKASS idea?

The decision has forced motorists seeking access into the city from western New Providence to travel in long lines north on Nassau Street and others East on West Bay Street creating the most chaotic traffic nightmare ever seen in the history of the Bahamas! ‘Jackassness can’t done in the FNM’!

As a temporary solution to the crisis on the streets, Bahamas Press is advising the ministry of works [Like they ga listen], to temporarily reopen Blue Hill Road as a two-way traffic section until Market Street search of oil is complete. We know yall ain’t ga find none and the roads will be no wider when completed, so please, help us all save some stress behind the wheel.

Additionally, because work crews in the area are stretched too thin, we advise the hard head Government through the Ministry of Works to concentrate efforts on opening up completely Blue Hill Road first to facilitate the two-way traffic flow, and when completed, resume work on Market Street and then afterwards, try the ‘Only South and Only North’ traffic plans for the area.

The road works are poorly managed and are bad for business…Help us please!


  1. Man BP you’ll made my day with this story. I am cracking up at my desk. Unfortunately its all true.
    Please tell me who I can sue for new tires and suspension, also how I can get my $75 back that I had to pay for a ticket for not having any brake lights because I dropped in so many holes and the fuse was slack and the police refused to give me a break!


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