Man caught with handgun and 11 live round ready to kill/harm or rob another victim…


Will Ward be back on the streets in a few weeks UNPUNISHED by the courts?

Another dangerous weapon taken off the streets and Scotty Ward has a weapon!

Nassau – Police are telling us a suspect has been arrested on Shakespeare drive after he was intercepted by police this morning.

The suspect has given his name as Scotty Ward 28years of Poet Dr. Sea Beach Estates.

Scotty was found in possession of a black 9mm Ruger handgun with its serial number erased. The firearm also contained 11 live rounds perhaps ready to kill and harm a citizen; possibly another police! YA NEVER WHAT BE IN THE HEAD A DESE DOPE SMOKERS DESE DAYS! Scotty was picked up just near West Bay Street in area of Sunfun Resort.

We must find out where he got that weapon from and make sure breakup the operation of smuggled weapons into the country! We must deal with these illegal firearms in the town and punish hard and swift the criminal found in possession with them. Scotty Ward must not be allowed to walk around like John Bostwick DEM!

We report yinner decide!