Man charged following his alleged murder spree in the country! WILL HE GET BAIL TOO?


Man accused of killing “20 inch” and “MICE” in violent shooting spree…

Machino McKenzie, 21

NASSAU| A 21-year-old Rupert Dean Lane resident Machino McKenzie, who prosecutors claimed was responsible for some three murders in the capital, has been released from lawful custody. 

Now get this cause we do not intend to get into too much detail but prosecutors say McKenzie shot and killed Averyon “20 inches” Duncanson, 22, on Nov. 12th.

Prosecutors also claimed he is responsible for the October 30th killing of Andrew “Mice” Burrows and his girlfriend Lakeithra Stubbs at Rockcrusher. Shooting also Rickara Collie and Johnny Severe both of whom survived the same violent shooting incident that evening.

McKenzie was denied bail and is set to return to court on February 2nd, 2023.

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