Man fired from BTVI cheques are still being cashed???


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Student at BTVI getting first hand technical training in electrical engineering. FILE PHOTO

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press getting a report out of the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute which could spell acts of criminality are being exercised by someone at the top.

Allegations suggest an employee within the IT department was suspended months ago, and still his salary is being paid and cheques in the amount of $1,800 per month have been being cashed at a local bank. This is not good.

BP investigators can also reveal at least three top officials can be implicated in these alleged crimes.

Now, we don’t know who wants Bahamas Press to go down this road as we did with the National Insurance Board, but all we ga tell them is this – THE BP FLY is now on the wall at BTVI and we want all and sundry to keep watching this page.

It goes downhill from here!

We report yinner decide!

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