Man known to police shot dead last night while shaking up at club in Bains and Grants Town!


Homicide victim #15 is murder accused Rico Taylor of Fleming Street

Murder accused Rico Taylor is the country’s 15th homicide victim.

Nassau – Now if anyone is concerned about these murders happening in the country they should take a closer look at this incident, which unfolded down on Hutchinson Street just off Poinciana Drive last night.

Bahamas Press can confirm that the victim is homicide accused, Rico Taylor.

Unlike those in the ‘wutless’ media we at BP recall how, Rico Taylor, 28, of Fleming Street, had appeared before Assistant Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain last year July. He, many forget, was charged with non-capital murder in the July 21 shooting death of, Ashanton Newbold. Newbold was also on bail for attempted murder.

Now after applying for bail, which is his constitutional right, Taylor was back on the streets walking up and down like the rest of the accused killers in an area near you.

Last night while patrons were shaking up in a club shortly after 11:00pm, a group of persons along with Taylor were partying like rock stars, when three men entered the club and got into an argument.

One of the three produced a weapon and fired into the crowd, resulting in two patrons along with Taylor being shot. The suspects got into a burgundy Japanese vehicle and vanished into the dark.

Taylor was pronounced dead and the two patrons are now listed in critical condition.

We report yinner decide!