Man on robbery spree! Crime is not down PM Minnis – Its REPORTING is down!


Another live robbery caught last evening. PM Minnis say Crime is Down…But so is his ratings.

Nassau – PM Minnis say crime is down. And if you follow the Wutless Media Dem you would think that is the case. But if you believe them both then your turkey this year will have teeth. IT’S A LIE! The latest FAKE NEWS by the FNM Leader is the suggestion that crime is down and the public has nothing to worry about! That is a lie!

We say crime ‘Reporting’ is down. Media people don’t know what the hell is happening out there and no one is reporting these incident save ya come on Bahamas Press!

Here is another robbery last night by a gunman in a retail store. Earlier we shared on our network of a robbery at John’s in Palmdale where that gunman gun butted a customer.

In this video we question; why would the security open the door to a man with dark shades and hat? It was already dark outside! Where were his senses? Some places we traverse you cannot enter with a coat or hat on! These security personnel need training!

We have some advice for storeowners; HIRE ‘DA FIRE BACK CREW’ like the Chinese stores! In all their stores if a criminal comes in he knows he will die holding the cash register.

Be careful out there. Crime is not down… its REPORTING is down. And the PM knows that!

We report yinner decide!