Man shot and left for dead in June attack comes back to life while girlfriend sold the evidence in the crime and her “EX” – da shooter – evades police



Man shot by alleged ex-boyfriend of woman in car still recovering but cannot speak...file photo

Nassau, Bahamas — Police could be soon looking closer at a woman who was at the scene of a shooting some months back and from what we know the case is still wide, wide open.

Now get this: BP decided to keep this story for some days for we know the wutless media in the Bahamas has no sources to bring you news. Here is a story that makes the cable network Lifetime look like a joke and here in the Bahamas where criminals run wild like the days of Woods Rodgers, we are calling on the powers that be to take a second look at the developments.

Back on June 16th we carried the story where a young man was left in critical condition after being shot on a Wendy’s drive through line in the Village Road area.

Apparently at the time we at BP did not know the motive for the shooting, however, at the time we appealed to Wendy’s franchise to hand over all surveillance tapes to the police, as this was the second crime incident at a Wendy’s location in days.

BP investigators have been looking closer at this case and our team – aided by specialized detectives out of the US – appears to have cracked something serious in this case and could now point to the woman sitting in the car at the time of the incident.

The woman in the car with her new boyfriend also knew the shooter. She is a banker and is an employee of a Canadian based bank right here in the capital.

Following the incident, being concerned with the developments, the bank has punished the female employee and now BP is questioning why.

Information revealed to us shows the woman alleged to be the EX of the shooter who some at the time thought was jealous over the new hubby, may not have been jealous at all – and this is where the story gets interesting.

The shooter [the EX] of the female banker is yet to be tracked down by police – and no one – not even his family – says they know where he is – but guess what?

Before the police could conclude their investigation and gather the evidence from the car they drove on the night of the near fatal incident, the female banker ditched the car on a hungry buyer and sold it off her hands.


Further we can report, when police made a followup on the state or location of the vehicle, they were told, according to our investigators, that he car was sold and the purchaser cannot be found….???

What is this?

Our team advised the tracking of the sale has led detectives to a dead end and one must now question – why would a woman sell the single piece of evidence which was covered in her lover’s blood?

As mama would say, “Something in this milk ain’t clean!”

At last report the victim in this trauma was still recovering in Florida unable to speak as the bullet had ruptured his vocal chords completely.

Therefore the victim cannot speak, the car and evidence gone. The shooter is on the run and the potential “Black Widow” is waiting for another victim. By damn…Hollywood has come to life in the Bahamas!

Lifetime ain’t gat nuttin on yall!

From the looks of things one must ask what kind of people we are producing in this country? Families HIDING, CLOAKING and HARBOURING COLD HARDENED MURDERERS! Police need that shooter for that senseless near fatal attack on a young Bahamian son. And if the Law cannot get him we pray the GREAT I AM DO!!!

Perhaps that shooter is another one gone to school in the US. We ga soon know eh?

We report, yinner decide!


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