Man shot dead on Bimini Ave this week was once a suspect in a teacher’s murder…

Matthew Farrington 25-year-old becomes homicide victim #81.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is getting more on the identity of the man shot on Bimini Ave. last evening. The victim, we are learning, is 25-year-old Matthew Farrington.

Now, to many, his name will not ring a bell, but, from what we recall, he was once a person of interest in the murder of a Guyanese teacher. Eventually, police did not charge Farrington in that crime, but he was a longtime suspect and person of interest in other matters.

Farrington was headed out, along with family, and, as he sat inside his vehicle, a gunman approached from the bushes and logged a volley of shots from a high-powered weapon, killing him dead. Police reported he died in hospital.  He became the country’s 81st homicide victim, according to BP’s records. The police records are much lower.

We report yinner decide!