The resistance has started in North Andros! MP wants Haitians to replace the Bahamian workforce!


ANDROS| Well what in da hell is this? The people of Andros have started a resistance today!

Brian Hew, owner and operator at Kamalame Cay, with the help of the government, imported some 200 Haitian nationals into Staniard Creek last week.

Brent and the Holoweskos are eyeing the purchase of a government hotel property in that part of the country and want to replace the workforce with Haitian migrants who have left Abaco and moved into Andros.

Androsians are not having it and are calling for MP Carlton Bowleg to go!

Now we understand Minister Desmond Bannister, who hails from the north, has opposed the move by the Holoweskos and the Symonettes. But he is only a voice of one as Hubert Minnis also agrees with the replacement of Bahamians in Andros with the crew.

Well, the Andros boys are not having it and blocked the road Thursday, posting this sign. This fueled tensions and we understand high-up officers of the RBPF had to come to the island to protect the peace.

This will not end well. Andros residents tell BP they will die before they allow what happens in Abaco to occur in the big yard {Andros].

We shall see. Meanwhile, we report and let yinner decide!


    • History is repeating itself.
      Get rid of native Indians and replace them by African slaves.
      Kill them by any means (slowly or else) we just want to make money. Money, money, money.

      Who cares whether you are Haitians, Bahamians or else? Let the Bahamians fight with Haitians. We just have to make money.

      • I am sorry but FRED SMITH cannot make comments on BP. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES HE POSTS THEY WILL BE DELETED!

  1. Sad that they would try to bring in outsiders to pay to do the work when you have natives ready too work right there already. Doesn’t make much sense to meet good luck to you all and stand tall.

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