Man shot five times by police in Fox Hill taken to hospital – His condition is still unknown


Police have confirmed the 80th homicide victim he is Stanavio Stanley Lord a 19-year-old resident of Pride Estates.

BP Live at a police involved shooting on Fox Hill Road near the community police station. The victim who has been shot five times has been taken to hospital. This is not good and has yet to be reported… we are live….

Nassau – Police shot another man this time in the community of Fox Hill Road right in front of the Police Station.

We can report the man, who is unknown at this time, suffered five gunshot wounds in that incident. Police have not reported on thing to the press on the matter although only your BP was live on the scene just before 2pm. The man was taken to hospital and his condition is still unknown up to the time of this report.

Meanwhile in another separate police are confirming that a male who was shot and later died in hospital on Monday, 12th November 2018, has been identified as Stanavio Stanley Lord a 19-year-old resident of Pride Estates.

This latest homicide pushes the murder count to 80 for the year. We keep telling yinner – CRIME IS NOW DOWN – but crime reporting is.

We report yinner decide!