Man shot in head and dies…Another record-breaking year for murder


Another year of record breaking murder in The Bahamas. On Friday night a man became victim to murder as he was shot point blink range in the head. Eyewitnesses to the murder said the victim died on the scene. His attacker shot the victim in front of witnesses and left the scene as if nothing happened eyewitnesses said.

The incident took place at a motel on on Gladstone Road. Police still have no suspects in custody for the murder.


  1. What is the actual murder count? It is apparent that since may 2007, the real murder count is being stifled, and falling under this new catagory of unclassified. Many media houses seem to have their own figures.

    The real murder count of 2007, is the record breaker so far. Which should have been pegged at 84. The murder count for this year should be hovering around 80, there are at least 4 unclassified for the year.

    I would hope that we as a society quickly get to the point where we become debit card users, and cheque writers, coupled with credit cards to make our purchases, eliminating the need to carry cash. That should put a dent in the exponential armed robberies, that are occurring daily, and in broad daylight.

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