Man who fought police outside funeral service arraigned before magistrate


Man tried to take on police – BOY HE LUCKY HE DIDN’T GET SHOT!

Kenneth George Hart being escorted out of court today by police. Photo by
Kenneth George Hart being escorted out of court today by police. Photo by

Nassau, Bahamas — Kenneth George Hart faces charges in that fight outside church at police funeral – DA JACKASS denied the charges even though it is all caught on camera!

Nassau, Bahamas — Kenneth George Hart, 36, of Guinep Tree Street, appeared before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt facing charges of:

1) Obstruction,

2) Obscene language,

3) Assaulting a police officer,

4) Disorderly behaviour,

5) Resisting arrest

6) And damage stemming from an incident that occurred outside New Bethlehem Baptist Church on Independence Drive following the funeral service of Constable 3657 Wesley Nicholas Gaitor last Thursday.

Hart denied allegations that he prevented Constable 3769 Johnson from carrying out his duties on December 30, 2015.

You would remember Bahamas Press’ live cams were rolling when the big fight broke out involving Hart and his police wife, who also was interdicted and is facing a police tribunal this month over the ordeal!

The couple fought police after being asked to removed their vehicle while obstructing vehicles. Words with an officer resulted in the couple attacking both that officer and tackling an inspector!

Hart was granted $3,500 bail.

We report yinner decide!