Man who robbed the former GG sent to prison for five months as he faces more charges of burglary and rape…

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson Pratt has sentenced Hensley Pennerman, 55, to five months in prison on his burglary charge involving the former Governor-General Sir Arthur and Lady Joan Foulkes.

This incident unfolded back on February 5th when Pennerman jumped through the kitchen window of the GG’s West Bay Street home and stole an Apple MacBook and $121. The discovery was made the following morning by Lady Joan. Where was their bodyguard we pay?

DECENT Chief Justice Pratt asked prison officers to ensure that Pennerman is given treatment for his crack addiction which he admitted has led to his life of crime.

He is also facing some 6 burglaries, a rape, and an attempted rape incident. The matters will be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court for hearing in November.

We report yinner decide!