Some 400 of the tested swabs collected in the 800 backlogged tests positive for COVID19 – were the patients quarantined?


NASSAU| The coronavirus pandemic in the Bahamas has been grossly mismanaged and bungled by the Minnis Government which has resulted in massive layoffs, business closures, and a greater lack of confidence in the Minnis Administration during the pandemic. And if you don’t believe us at BP just search the Global COVID Index and see how the Bahamas has dropped to hot last on the chart; sitting 184th out of 184 countries. WHY IS THIS?

A source deep inside the Cabinet of the Bahamas confirmed to BP in detail the disasters which have been followed by painful, unending hardships for residents in the country.

In an exclusive, the source told BP that more than 400 of the 800 COVID19 test samples collected almost a month ago, in a backlog of tests taken, have returned positive. “The challenge in the testing came after our national laboratory, which delivered the standard form used to test COVID cases, was backed up. We just could not meet the demand and could not return results in a timely manner through five months in the pandemic.”

BP carried the report out of Bimini where residents, who were in quarantine, could not get a test result returned although they presented a sample that was counted as a new positive case on the dashboard. BP understands, up to this report, almost a month later, that those residents still have no results from their samples.

We are also learning police charged with the responsibility of tracking positive quarantine cases have not been working. In fact some law enforcement officers under quarantine have themselves break quarantine themselves.

You will recall that it was announced that some 20+ cars were acquired for the enforcement/contact tracing unit. Well, guess what? Months later and that unit is not yet functioning as per design. Well, what is this?

What further creates community spread is the fact that, if you didn’t travel, you are not monitored by the HubbCat system. The Minnis Government acquired the program to facilitate the electronic monitoring of quarantined individuals. But we now understand only persons who returned back into the country, and tested positive, are being tracked by the system. Leaving a greater number of infected persons untracked by the system.

A report also notes that many of the persons who tested positive failed to comply with quarantine rules have mingled with the public spreading the virus-like a wildfire around the country.

Readers should note the expensive software solution (HubbCAT) was purchased to monitor ALL those quarantined when it was initially announced. 

Health professionals have become the greatest victims of the spread across healthcare facilities as it is now believed the virus is potent through poor AC filtering systems at both Sandilands and PMH. What is this? Forcing scores of Doctors, nurses, technicians, and patients across the healthcare network to become infected with the virus.

We report yinner decide!