Man who was just released on bail rearrested for attempted murder!


Man goes on facebook to show off his weapons – BP and Police shows up!

Man with high-powered weapon captured by police. Check out that police gun pointed on him ready to fire.
Here is the man which was wanted after posting his new automatic weapon toys on facebook.

Nassau, Bahamas – If you believe having a little education and quoting from Google like Andre Rollins is dangerous, imagine having no education yet brandishing your new handgun on social media!

POLICE in the Southwestern Division are reporting a significant arrest of a wanted man after he was found in possession of a loaded handgun and ammunition yesterday during a major operation under the leadership of Superintendent Matthew Edgecombe.

The jackass came on Facebook showing off his new weaponry just days after being released from prison and being wanted for attempted murder.

The operation, which is consistent with the Commissioner’s Policing Priorities for 2015, is part of the force’s strategy to cut down on criminal activity by targeting problem locations and persons engaged in criminal activities such as murder, armed robbery, rape, shootings, stolen vehicle, firearms and drugs.

Shortly before 2:00 pm, Southwestern Division officers, acting on intelligence gathered, mounted a heavy military presence in the Andros Avenue community where they arrested this 24–year-old man after they found a tech 9 handgun along with 33 live rounds of ammunition in his possession.

BP was happy when we arrived on the scene after the tip and we celebrated residents who were the eyes and ears for police. If more of us keep sweeping the village clean of criminals – the community would be clean and safe from their violence!


We report yinner decide!

Look at the weaponry a man wanted by police and recently released on bail has!

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