Masonic Blood to Flow On Cable Beach As Cuthroat Lodge Gears Up for Convention – PART 2

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon Brent Symonette, receives an award from the Most Worshipful Grand Master Carl Culmer.

Grand Master Carl Culmer is still up to his dirty tricks. He suspended the son of insurance mogul and FNM politician, Fred Ramsey. Ramsey was suspended for no apparent reason but BP suspects that its because GM Culmer can’t get over the fact that a long time ago, almost in prehistoric days, Ramsey dated the GM’s wife, Sheena. GM Culmer, a big boss (for now) at BTC, found out about this relationship that happened before he was married and had the phone of both parties illegally tapped and then went further and illegally broke into Ramsey’s BaTelNet email account to look for love notes. He has accused Ramsey of all sorts of Masonic crimes to get rid of him. Culmer even tried intimidating tactics on Ramsey but it didnt work and when he got tired he decided to abuse power and suspend him from the troubled Lodge.

Culmer, well known for being a boastful FNM, is glad that he is giving up the Grand Master’s throne as his intent is to go into politics. In fact, recently he was heard by BP in Topaz saying “If the PM dont give me that Eleuthera nomination, I ga cut his ass. He knows I have the goods on him.” No wonder the Lodge going down the drain at fast pace, the GM is in political bed with the FNM.

There is a another Lodge terror which escaped the claws of BP in our first report on the Lodge on Blue Hill Road and we understand this little white-haired snake in the grass is running for a big office during the upcoming Lodge elections. Government worker Leslie Dean, a married brother in the Lodge, also has a young baby by a young lady. Whenever Dean starts to drink at Lodge functions sisters scream in terror and flee for their sexual lives. Dean is known to get loaded with spirits of the liquid nature and feel up the sisters. He lay waits them in the dark hallway where the rest rooms are located and tries to have his way with them. Dean, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the pirate Blackbeard, (only opposite as his beard is white) looks very scary in the dark which frightens the heck out of his victims, leaving them vulnerable and easy to over power.

Grand Treasurer Dion Deleveaux also escaped the claws of BP last time. This well known drug dealer who works in his family’s gas business where he sells his drugs, hides out in the Lodge to escape the long hand of the law. Cocaine Cowboy Deleveaux bows to the Grand Master because Culmer has kept him safe over the years from securing a room in Fox Hill Prison where he belongs. Deleveaux, like Culmer, has a learning disorder and is from one of the islands where intelligence is not a necessity.

It seems like the Grand Master likes to have drunks in his Merry Men crew as he could control them as he wishes. Ash Ferguson aka Lord Ash aka Lord Of Anejo and Coke has been the latest to turn Judas and grovel his way into the Merry Men camp of the Lodge. Brother Ash, a new skipping, drunken Merry Man, was a regular news toter to those who the Grand Master despised but now has hopped the fence in another direction. The Lord of Anejo is not smart enough to know that the Grand Master and the original Merry Men are only using him to host a party at his house for the delegates to the upcoming Grand Convention. Lord Anejo doesn’t remember how he was used for news and as a pay off the Grand Master promised him a position in the original Merry Men Cabinet during last Lodge Elections. On the day of the pay off, Lord Anejo was happy as a lark but the wicked Grand Master told Lord Anejo to go and buy some rum and held the elections behind his back. Lord Anejo showed up sweating and laiden with the rum under both arms and Grand Master Carl said, “Too late! You missed it”. Lord Anejo was pissed off for years but now the Grand Master is cunningly doing it to him all over again.

The upcoming Grand Convention is going to be very interesting and most say a little violence might even occur when brothers revolt. Well we know one cowboy, Bro Kendal Braithwaite, might come in the Convention with his .22 pistol that he likes to hold on women. BP can only suggest that a metal detector is placed at the exits and entrances.

BP hopes that the members of this Lodge elect the right Grand Master next week. One who will clean up all this mess created by GM Culmer and his Merry Man Kendal Braithwaite.


  1. BP PM Ramsey took Mt. Royal lodge from being a non fuctional lodge to one of he best lodges in the prince hall family he has done more for mt. royal lodge than any other worshipful master and this is the lies and bad treatment Carl Culmer and Prince Hall Family is giving him mt. royal lodge has no investigation or complaints about money being missing from mt. royal its carl culmer and the grand lodge trying to ruin the man name keep your head up PM Ramsey the change is coming sooner than latter

  2. bp, this story was extremely funny. this prince hall guys are a bunch of fools and an insult to masonic teachings. tsk, tsk lord ash…anyway, so mote it be.

  3. Bp I am a daily visitor to your site and for the most part truly agree with your reporting. But being a lodge man with some insight with Ramsey you may want to correct your source his suspension had to do with missing monies from the lodge bank account and not ‘dating’ his wife as you/your source is suggesting. To this fact maybe you might want to triple check your sources as you are threading into a world that does things a bit different from the real world……………

  4. Bahamas Press please confirmed/deny a report that has just reached me that a male plp candidate is being questioned by the police about molesting two boys.

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