1. Honestly now we really need to be real! When the PLP was in power not much might have been done but the islan of Grand Bahama was in a much better state than it is in now. Grand Bahamains really need to face facts. The FNM’S adminastration has done nothing for Grand Bahama in fact Ingraham wants this island to fail. We as a poeple need to understand the PLP was for the people and always will be and believe me i believe if the FNM stay in power it will get worse. WE NEED CHANGE. I for change this coming elections i will not HELP put the FNM back in power I am voting PLP.

  2. GRAND BAHAMA, how did you get so educated. What make you so smart. I hope you didn’t get your degree from that Shitty & Messy School who is giving Masters degree in seven months. I am in position to know, it happen to one of my co-workers. The bahamians might not be a educated as you, but you sound like a JACK ASS. STOP DREAMING.

  3. ummm,are you serious? That report was yesterday and yesteryear. I tink da people will have even more to say about the state of this country today under da F.N.M. So-called educated people and non-educated like know a massive failure when it sees i ad believe me The Bahamas is seeing it live and in living color

  4. OMG you all dont have to get that VIOLENT in SPEECH IT AIN THAT SERIOUS. I tell you this the FNM will re-gain government as the survey of the PLP said the FNM has the base among the EDUCATED and anyone with and EDUCATION Will know that a RECESSION played a big part and that the FNM HANDLED the RECESSION WELL And is making and allowed for the ECONOMY of the BAHAMAS to remain in place! Simply put as a 27year old working on Ph.D. any EDUCATED person can COMPARE and CONTRAST the Leadership styles of the two major leaders and see it is CLEAR that Hubert is a BETTER Leader. I CHALLENGE all PLP supporters to go and READ and REVIEW The REPORT the PLP Engaged after it lost the election. It actually states that and recommends that PErry portray a more stern and clear LEADERSHIP Style….SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!

    • @ GRAND BAHAMA, ummmm… what % of the population is ummmm educated at the level of which you speak. With hundreds of high school students graduating each year with little to nothing to do I think the majority of votes are not coming from “educated” group. Please note also that good leaders often make bad decisions… (at this point you should be going.. stop/review/and rethink). No matter how much of a good leader HAI is, if nothing has improved or at least remained the same during such difficult times, he has failed… (I am neither PLP, or FNM) by the way congradulations on your accomplishments dear friend! signed your MBA, underemployed friend…

    • @Grand Bahama, I live on a Island where must of the FNM’s are the dumbest ppl, so they must of not stop over here to get information for this report that you are talking about hey.

  5. da truth is things was going good when perry was in power. but they wanted perfect.. this what yall had to put up with for 5yrs ing-rum never was fired by the people. thats why he punch’power’and bottle drunk people in freeport whuold never suffer so bad under perry watch he have a heart. i to god those people see the light i agree that we need change bad. if perry did good and get kick out. lets see what happen to ing-rum ???

    • Look who is talking, the pervert who I have identified on another post.Wherever you post I will monitor you as you are a disgrace and one of the most selfish ,lying,stupid and perverted person to ever grace this earth.You must be D average as you never have anything constructive to say nor do you seem able to bring anything into a debate.

      • What a sore loser. Just because you cant accuse people of things without proof you want to call me all those names, silly little monkey, go back to your cage before the warden zaps you.

      • You are pathetic and make me want to puke, because it is obvious that you are the real predator here. I hope they catch you before you attack one of the kids you look after you mangy animal.

  6. The turnout was very large and the enthusiasm high. If F.N.M.’s want to stay in a fantasy land or a fool’s paradise, be my guest: If they think Bahamians in Grand Bahama will endure suffering and stick to some blind political loyalty, they have another thing coming. The proof is in the pudding. They came from East to West, with many young people present. The troops are ready. I dare the F.N.M. to call theirs out in Grand Bahama and let us see what happens!

    • Have it your way , and it aint burger king, its now “Show me the money $ Time in Grand Bahama”
      i broke bad man gimme a dollar please mr. Obie snitcher from the west or Ken bigger bellie from the east.

  7. The TRUTH is that G B ain into any of the parties. Also, there is nuttin that can come from a mini Convention that can bring about a revolution in GB.That being the case the support for any of the major parties in this kind of setting will be low.

  8. Ah
    I was there too and the crowd was not as large as is being portrayed. Come guys lets be real the room is not that big and I wonder what would have happen if it was at Our Lucaya? I observed at least 100 people from Nassau. We shall have to wait and see.

    • It is interesting that ‘Grand Bahama’ was counting who was from Nassau! I hope you counted yourself in that number! LOL! Anyway, as someone who was there in the room it was as they say, “standing room only”, and that is not counting the people outside! But I agree, ‘rallies or conventions’ don’t win elections ‘voters do’! But, what am disappointed in is ZNS (Nassau) which I just finished watching the Saturday evening broadcast did not even mention the convention nor more importantly what was said by the leader of the opposition Mr. Christie! Since we in Grand Bahama now have our ‘own’ ZNS (Freeport), lucky us! LMAO! But the point is Mr. Christie announced that 1) If the FNM Govt approves the sale to C&W that a ‘New PLP Govt would, ‘stop, review and amend’ any agreement as was the case with ‘Clifton’ before the 2002 General Election & 2) The PLP will put together a group to begin discussion with the G.B. Port Authority’ in regard to the Real Property exemptions which expire in GB in 2015. This is what is important, not the size of the room or how many people were there or not! Issues, my bruudrahh,’Grand Bahama’ issues! Now go back and report that to your party!

      • yes the hall for the PLP conference is only able to hold 500 people standing, so the numbers really dont matter because they and we all know that elections are won on election day.I want to know who is the canidate for LUCAYA, because we sure tired of “NEK the Freak Grant”, an myself and many others would not be voting on emotion of RED or Gold this time. we tired of gettin shit, they all are just alike when they are elected. FORGET THE PEOPLE. Correction, the FNM didnt cause there to be massive unemployment in GB. the pwople caused it, they are selfish, and hate to see their own brothers get ahead, im a victim of that selfish mode that is holding GB. back. all the business failures in GB will continue well after the recession is over Niggas gatta help Niggas more and stop faking christianty ok

  9. Gb acts like a woman who doesnt like good treatment but prefers aa abusive husband.Avarice is a sin and a promise is comfort to a fool.I will watch GB very closely during the GE to see if what they feel now translates into a call for change.A place that has 5 Govt representatives,should not be struggling but then the Govt sat quietly and allowed the Port Authority to have open warfare to the detriment of Gbs.Maybe only PLPs are left in GB as all FNM supporters seemingly fled to Nassau.GB am watching and will be watching the results as they come in.Three Cabinet Ministers and no economic activity?Maurice Moore where are you?Obie Marshall where are you?The HIP has taken over just like the TEA with the Republicans in the USA.

  10. I was there, wasn’t even standing room. People are hungry for relief and they know now that from the FNM’s poor performance, especially since 2007, it’s truly TIME FOR CHANGE. What was interesting to see was the many FNM generals in the last elections present and wearing PLP colors. Ingraham, if I were him, should have the SHITS, right now. Don’t forget Grand Bahama was the FNM’s first and last Bastion. I am being told that of all the registered voters, so far, in Grand Bahama 95% are PLPs. Most of the white FNM supporters here, especially the Business persons, have all deserted the FNM’s camp. They may not even register, I am told. The PLP don’t expect to gain very much of that support but the FNM has lost it. It’s the same in Marsh Harbor, we are told.

  11. You guys really think that Grand Bahamians are stupid, The PLP Has done NOTHING in Grand Bahama. Check their track record when they were the Government, PLEASEEEE!!!

  12. to all you all PLP HATERS THE STORM IS PASSING OVER AND WE ARE IN THE OVERFLOW. believe it or not, this might not be the photo for the convention, but I stand here to tell you that the STORM IS ALMOST OVER. To my people out their, GOD says weaping may endure for a night but joy will come in the morning.
    and your morning is coming shortly. Hold on just a little while longer.

  13. In the interest of integrity and full disclosure and transparency and to follow accepted journalistic protocols, the above image should be labelled FILE PHOTO so as not to give a false impression.

  14. Obviously BP isn’t referring to that stock image they’ve used in the past. Notice that Media posted the time on each of his updates. I am sure there will be fresh photos to post soon. Too bad the PLP didn’t stream this event live for all to see.

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