Mass layoff headed for RBC Bahamas workers in 2014 letter writer confirm


Bank set to restructure and send Bahamians home early in the new year!!! – Oppressive Rule is being described at bank!

RBC headquarters on EAST HILL STREET.

Dear Editor,

Despite the assurances that employees have received from management over the years, RBC has every intent to begin mass layoffs beginning early in 2014. At a recent very recent management meeting this week, senior managers were told that the Bahamas based operations has to begin immediately reducing the number of staff employed with the bank.
In an already distressed economy, this is really not good news. It appears that every effort is being made to extract every penny out of the local economy by levying increased service charges and setting ridiculously high sales targets that are almost impossible to achieve. Local top managers do not have the employees interest at heart. They do not push back against decisions that are detrimental to the well being of the staff.

The Head Office management team are out of touch with reality, antiquated in their thought process, don’t know what they are doing and run one big dolly house where friends family and lovers are rewarded for keeping the employees subjugated under an oppressive rule.

There is a great lack of confidence in the ability of staff to trust the leaders in the local Head Office who say one thing but do something else. Nothing is confidential and informers and pimps who tote information are promoted.
You would think that the bank would know that happy people generate good results and depress persons generate poor results.

RBC employees, wake up and smell the coffee.


A concerned Bahamian.