Matthew Aubry from ORG, who signed cheques in the Pandemic Spending for the Minnis Government, should be the last to speak about ACCOUNTABILITY IN GOVERNMENT!

Matthew Aubry – ORG

NASSAU| So we see this Matthew Aubry all up in the Nassau Guardian today making loud comments on this conversation organized by the FNM TEXAS ADVISORS suggesting failures in government accountability.

Now, if you listen to the ORG Executive Director, you would believe his comments come from a genuine place of interest. But this is not the case.

Aubry was one of the signatures on cheques paid out of a shell company set up by the Hubert Minnis Government involving relatives of the Holoweskos. THE SIGNATOR! DENY IT IF YA BAD!

BP wonders if Aubry knows who was collecting much of the taxpayer’s money which he was responsible for distributing. Millions were paid to some companies – THOUGH NOT PROPERLY REGULATED! 

Here are some questions only Matthew Aubry could answer:

  1. Did members of The Royal Bahamas Police Force question you yet about where all the money gone?
  2. Have you (Matthew Aubry) produced a report yet as required by law for spending during COVID19?

Aubry believes Bahamians are as dumb or dense as his former employer. We do follow news and information around here and you are the wrong one the Holloweskos should send out to talk about ACCOUNTABILITY!

Matthew Aubry, you were the co-signature on the cheques from the Hubert Minnis feeding Programme. You sat around many meetings involving the Minnis Government Pandemic Response. Were you concerned about Transparency and Accountability then? Or does that just reach in your thinking now that your GOVERNMENT IS OUT AND THE PLP IS IN?!

Please explain cause we at BP just might have to explain more.

We report yinner decide!