Meltdown with Renward Wells and Hubert Minnis forced a GENERAL ELECTION and sure defeat of the FNM…


PM Minnis told Wells to return the funds along with funds paid to his driver and personal assistant! He was also order to tender his resignation letter – BUT WELLS REFUSED!!! IMF officials are headed to the country to begin an investigation…

PM Hubert Minnis and Renward Wells

NASSAU| A serious threat to the Prime Minister by outgoing Health Minister Renward Wells forced PM Hubert Minnis to deliver unexpected notice to Bahamians that he was calling a snap General Election earlier than expected.

Punch publisher Ivan Johnson, only weeks before the September 16th polling day was announced, reported that PM Minnis was set for a November election date and he dismissed rumours to the contrary.

But Bahamas Press was spot on with the election date, warning the public some 24 hours before the announcement that all Senior Family Island RBPF Commanders were ordered to the capital for the Dissolution of Parliament that would announce the election date. But there is more!

PM Minnis requested a meeting with his Health Minister who paid himself a bonus. Renward Wells had also paid his driver (who is also his cousin) and personal assistant some $5,000 each.

Minnis requested the meeting to resolve the public distraction which forced health workers to withdraw their labour as they demanded their honorarium payouts!

One doctor in PMH ER confirmed how only two doctors were paid the $5,000 gift while scores of others caught COVID, some died and others lost family members at the height of the pandemic, and yet, received no reward for their service.

Minnis ordered Wells to have the funds he collected and those of his driver and the personal secretary returned and demanded the resignation of the Health Minister

But a major cussout session in that heated meeting resulted in a promise by Wells to tell all if he had to resign or was fired. 

Sources close to the party confirmed details of the meeting in which the Health Minister threatened that, if he had to resign, specific members of the Cabinet also had to resign and face national exposure of the Corrupt Minnis GOVERNMENT!

The names of two senior Cabinet Ministers in particular were spoken of in that heated exchange by the Prime Minister and his Health Minister.

One of the scandals Wells threatened the PM with involves the opening of a Bank Account in China, where millions of dollars have been deposited. We know that account was opened in the presence of a Senior Cabinet Minister along with two technical officers inside a corporation in the Bahamas.

Wells, without flinching, pushed back on PM Minnis’ demands to resign and that was when all hell broke loose. The Governor General was announced to have contracted COVID19 on August 13th and three days later the GG – in quarantine – was working like a horse signing election writs. This was added with more threats by House Speaker Halson Moultrie to have more OPEN PARLIAMENT SESSIONS to begin and force more exposures deep inside the Minnis Government!

Your Bahamas Press is on this report. And we will stay on it even after the OUTGOING Minnis Regime is swept from power. 

IMF officials are headed to the country to open a detailed investigation into how some $250 million was spent on Covid19. They have requested the list of beneficial owners behind the awarding of millions in contracts over the last year.

The Minnis Government has refused to respond to the IMF requests which were conditions attached to the loans.

We report yinner decide!