Millions of dollars lost at WSC and guess what? Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson is LOST!!!


When will someone explain how money has vanished from the cashier’s cage at WSC and no one ordered to repay the money?! Meanwhile, people are connected with meters on two major family islands and those accounts are not anywhere in WSC system!

PM Most Honourable Ever Hubert Minnis and Adrian Gibson.

NASSAU| The Water and Sewerage Corporation of the Bahamas [WSC] has a serious problem, not just with water and its losses, but the Corporation under the WUTLESS crybaby leadership of Adrian Gibson is haemorrhaging millions of dollars that continue to vanish under his leadership! And some people need to answer some questions!

Down in Eleuthera, we understand the Corporation is losing thousands of dollars as some residents have meters connected, but have NO ACCOUNT with the Corporation! How did that happened? How come the Ernst and Young Audit didn’t discover this!?

Right now in the Community of Abaco, the Area Manager, Anthony Bostwick, was removed from the island and reposted in New Providence to [GET THIS] twiddle his thumbs at a desk.

Bostwick, some should know, was the man who located millions for the Corporation on the international market to fund WSC family island projects. But yet, because of the incompetence of the Corporation’s Executive Chairman, while Bostwick sits in Nassau, no area manager has been appointed to manage Abaco and to watch the shop! WHAT IS THIS! As we say, WSC is not just losing water but money as well as result!

And get this: On record, since no one has been appointed by the Crybaby Executive Chairman to carry out tasks on Abaco, Bostwick has to travel to Abaco – sometimes up to three times a week – and guess who is footing the bill of accommodations and travel? Imagine DAT! WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS?

Bahamas Press is calling on the Water and Sewerage Corporation to commence a national audit of its Family Island accounts! We want accountants to explore the wastage and loss of millions of dollars all around the country. Water consumption in remote locations in the country is all now being funded by taxpayers and the Corporation is haemorrhaging millions!

We invite PM MOST HONOURABLE EVER to find a real competent, articulate administrator to bring WSC in line with the promise of transparency and accountability! Money in Water and Sewerage is being lost Prime Minister by the millions and guess what? Adrian Gibson doesn’t know what in the hell he is doing!

Example: The EY report went into details on how a former FNM Chairman – aka “DA FLASHER” – was reported to have exposed himself to a female employee, who had her suck his penis! Now ya think EY should have been investigating that? The matter was reported to the Human Resources Department and discovered in communications on file. But sadly that former FNM Chairman and the incident was never reported to the police! WHY?!

And then again here is another point to note – and we at BP have seen the details! Bahamas Press revealed how a female cage worker at WSC stole thousands from the Corporation cashier’s cage bags. That employee then vanished from the corporation! She was caught but nothing has happened with that investigation. None of the taxpayers funds recovered! We wonder why? No examination was done on that investigation internally. And nothing was done on it inside the expensive Ernst and Young Report, which was tabled in Parliament, and we at BP wonder why?

PM Most Honourable Ever – You cannot have Accountability and fail poorly with Transparency! FIX WSC and get it a new Chairman! Money is vanishing from WSC and your appointed Chairman is lost on the matter!

You know something? Some people running the place around here ain’t serious.

So we ga report and let yinner decide!