Senior staff gets cussed out by Junior at AG Office! Look what Carl Bethel gat the place coming to!


Big Bust-up in the AG Office!

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator the Hon. Carl Bethel (centre right) .

NASSAU| All hell is breaking loose inside the Office of the Attorney General under the management of Carl Wilshire Bethel – who, we all know, should not and does not deserve to be in the post.

Recently staff, who are getting upset with the way things are being run inside the office, have decided to rebel – IMAGINE DAT IN THE OAG OFFICE – the government’s legal office.

Recently a senior member of staff, who was cussed out by the newbie, approached a lowly officer inside the office and things did not go well.

In response, the senior officer inside the government suspended the junior for two days – but with the flames of The People’s Time being so strong and with the junior being a spy for the Attorney General, the response from the junior was “I not going anywhere!” This rebellion is dangerous!

So dangerous that the Management decided to issue a circular to all staff at the OAG warning them that such rebellious actions will result in swift and immediate response by management.

We ga post this circular for all to see.

We report and yinner decide!