Minister and wife in big bust-up after he planted a new seed in new sweetie – IT’s A BOY!


Police called to Cabinet Minister’s home but left him and the wife in big bustup!


Nassau – All hell breaks loose inside the martial home of a sitting Cabinet Minister after BP reported how a second gal within his ministry is coming forth with his child.

A caller from a residence nearby called police after all hell broke loose inside the home last week. The neighbor overheard the wife screaming, “What you think this is? All these ‘churrin’ we have and you swinging “D***k” all over the place? Why you can’t behave? You forget these children here need things, too, eh? And everyday you around here playing church and quoting scripture.” As items crashed and loud noises were made the wife threaten to return home.

The Cabinet Minister attempted to persuade PM Minnis to promote the sweetie as Chairman of an influential board, but PM Minnis didn’t fall for the trap and ignored the request. This was good.

Scandal is not new to the Minister. He was named “Einstein” by the FNM after he evaded the press in one of the biggest fraud incidents that caused the parties involved to flee the country.

Now the MP is the hot set and this time – its home.

We report yinner decide!