Youth Minister Lanisha Rolle orders police to have her father removed from the office! No example for the churrin dem!

The kinda people who does call police for dey pah and the PM can’t say a word! CABINET OUT OF CONTROL!

Nassau| Well, the People’s Time Government is showing they own family the time and on Friday was a classic example of this.

Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle showed her pah the time when she had police escort her father off the Ministry’s premises. The scene unfolded to the shock of staff and guests within the office.

And the point is simple: If ya could call police on ya pah, what you think ‘lil Muffin dem’ could do to they Mah?

Youth Minister sets no moral example for the churrin dem?!

To have your own father removed from the Ministry of Youth sets no decent example for the children and youth of the Bahamas! Dis gal is Out of Order! She must be fired!!!!!

But then again – PM MOST HONOURABLE EVER is paralyzed to act on dealing with his out of order/OUT OF CONTROL Cabinet Ministers.

We report yinner decide!