Ministry of Health Reports Second Confirmed Swine Flu Case


Mexico Swine FluThe Ministry of Health is reporting the second confirmed case of Influenza A (HINI) in The Bahamas.  The reported case occurred in a young adult resident of The Bahamas who had visited New York from 29 May to 03 June 2009.

The patient experienced symptoms upon returning to The Bahamas and immediately sought medical attention. The patient underwent tests for possible influenza and voluntarily self-quarantined at home. The specimen was sent to an external laboratory and confirmatory results were received by the Ministry of Health on the evening of 15 June 2009.

The Surveillance Unit of the Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health, has been actively involved with contact tracing and monitoring all persons who have been in close contact with the patient.

As the global occurrence of Influenza A (H1N1) continues to expand, the invaluable public-private partnerships that the Ministry of Health has fostered enables it to enhance in-country surveillance of influenza.

The Ministry of Health wishes to remind the public that it should continue to follow influenza preventative measures to ensure protection of individuals, families and communities. These precautionary measures include covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, disposing of the tissue in the trash after use, along with frequent hand washing with soap and water. Additionally, if you are experiencing flu like symptoms, to decrease the potential spread, avoid contact with others, and stay away from group settings.


  1. All I could say keep praying, if you are sick, take the day off. It doesn’t make sense going and making everybody sick. Keep your hands out your face, carry hand sanitizer in your bag, don’t forget to wash your hands before you eat and be careful about whom you allow to breathe in your face and stop shaking hands so much.

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