Minnis’ Plans for the Bahamas: Terminate and Incarcerate


PM Minnis’ plans for the Bahamas, we believe, are next to POLITICAL GENOCIDE!

The Minnis-led Cabinet set to fire Grand Bahamians tomorrow!

Nassau, Bahamas – The bloodthirsty nastiness now underway by the Free National Movement appears to now have centered around a simple plan for the Bahamian People: Terminate and Incarcerate.

The arrest of the former Minister in the previous government and the bold attempt to avoid the exercise of natural justice for his release proves that the rule of law in this society is being toyed with. Ken Dorsett could not get a bail hearing and the flimsy excuses to not afford such to a practising officer of the courts has left serious questions about those systems charged with protecting every Bahamian.

These maneuvers have left senior members within the Cabinet of the Minnis Government laughing in Rawson Square and an entire country embroiled in deep division after a general election steeped in a pot of lies.

Dr. Minnis, we understand, after appeasing the salivating jaws of his hounds, will attempt to address the nation tonight. But the anger inside the crevasses of the society run deep and few are listening to him anymore!

Look what he did to seven persons at BAIC. Had them literally dragged out into the streets from the office after a senior staffer stoked them for only being PLPs and threatened jail time! The recording was overheard inside that office: “We ga arrest all a yall…get out this office. I have other people to put at yall desks.”

Today in the dailies, after the harrowing decisions by the police at BAIC, and then the subsequent arrest and overnight detention of the former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, we are learning that everyone was innocent, but their crime was that they were all PLPs. What great distress and pain these actions have caused!

Where is the “Accountability and Transparency” in these exercises where there is a collapse of the rule of law! And where is the DUTTY WUTLESS PRESS in the Bahamas on dis?:

1) Who filed the complaints against the workers and Chairman of BAIC?
2) Who alerted the police?
3) Why was it necessary for the police to exercise that lack of restraint against innocent members of the public?
4) Who will now will lose their job following the spreading of these lies against the former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament?
Boy, these are some sad-sad times in the life of the Bahamas!

These accounts took us back to the story of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, where the opportunity existed for one group in the society to be daily raped, pillaged, hacked and murdered by the other!

Look how quickly we could bring this society down to this level: where justice is being murdered daily in the streets and opportunity of all is being hung in the square!

Today, another Friday, and we understand the “TERMINATE” policy of the FNM is to be set in motion as another group of government workers are set to be sent home. They will join the unemployment line!

We report yinner decide!


  1. BP sounds kinda butt hurt, how can you label the noble actions being undertaken by Minnis who’s cleaning up the vile filth left by the previous administration as blood thirsty? get a life!!!

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